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By | January 30, 2017

How to Improve your AIM in Overwatch 5 Drills to Get Better Overwatch Guide

Hey there, guys! This is Reckles with WTBGoldand today we're going to be talking about how to improve your aim in first person shooters.Now, we're talking specifically about Overwatch, but the same rules apply to any other FPS,Team Fortress 2, Call of Duty, Battlefield, whatever you want. Now this is the first oneI've ever played and I realized that I was only playing Torbjorn when I first startedfor a while. And the reason was, I sucked. Like, I was just not good at the game. I didn'tknow how to point my mouse at people and click the mouse and that's kind of an importanttrick to learn. So, I went deep into the annals of Reddit and the internet to find the bestways to improve your aim. And I'm going to

share that with you because I brought my aimingpercent on Soldier 76, who's kindof the most point and click person out there from an averageof 17% which is really really bad, up to 50% which is pretty ok. Hopefully you can do thesame. So, let's get into these drills. If you wantto keep track of your stats, I'll put a Google Doc or something in the description that youcan go along and download it, share it, it might even be a community Google Doc, I don'treally know yet. But do these drills at a set time every day over the course of 2 weeks,and you will get better. The first drill uses a game called Sheep.It's friggin adorable and the sounds in it,

they're absolutely fantastic. All you do iswait for a sheep to get loose in one of the 5 lanes and click it to shoot it with a tranquilizerdart. Everyone has a minimum reaction time that you're pretty much born with, but thisgame helps you improve and get closer to that inborn reaction time. The second drill isHRT, Human Reaction Time. Really basic, click when you see green. Now, funny story, I showedmy mom this after I'd been doing it for a week, and she actually just crushed the bestfastest time I'd ever done, so like I said, it'll vary from person to person. Don't worry,just worry about improving you. But these two reaction time drills will help you infights. If Genji uses deflection, you can

just react a tenth of a second faster afterpractice, and for this drill in particular, I would recommend you look at the three dots,rather than the text, because when text changes, your brain needs to stop and read it beforeit realizes something has changed. For HRT, do 50 attempts, for sheep, do 10 rounds of5. So, now that we've got the first part of aimingdown, reaction time, we're going to work on pointing and clicking a thing. This drilluses a site called AimBooster, and there's a Russian site that does something similar,but I don't know, I like this more. Do the challenge, 10 times, and just last as longas you can. Targets appear all over the screen,

slowly at first and then every second theyspeed up and speed up and speed up, and eventually you can't keep up with it. The game's overwhen three of them disappear on their own. The misses don't really count. The other drillson Aimbooster are absolutely amazing too. I recommend you check em out, but specifically,Autobalanced is great for just warming up, and double shoot improved, helped me improvethe most, at least. Just clickclick, clickclick. That's an important skill. Our fourth drillis called Shoot. Good name. Please, do yourself a favor and just turn the music off. It'stoo loud, it's distracting, it's just not.this one though, combines everything we've doneso far: reaction time, accuracy, twitch aiming,

So, do 10 runs of this one and record notonly the amount of targets you hit, but the number of great hits. You'll see an improvement,or at least an interesting trend in both. So, after you've done all these, you'll havea bunch of just improvement in the basics, the mechanics. So let's move away from websitesand go into the game itself. All fps's have kindof a training mode. So, go into trialmode and jump on the rotating platform way in the back, up in the air. You can get toit on a bunch of different characters. I like Widowmaker and Soldier: 76 for this one, buttry to kill 6 target dummies every lap. Now for people are new to the game, in Overwatch,only McRee has recoil where you need to adjust

Improve Your Punch Accuracy Land More Punches

What's going on, guysé Shane here, I'm atQuest Studios and today I'm going to teach you how to improve your punch accuracy utilizingthe AllStrike. When improving accuracy, there are 3 thingsI want you to remember: Avoid throwing that big power punch, Utilize the elliptical path,and look for patterns. Avoid throwing these big power punches, becausethey're slow and they're telegraphed. Instead, I want you to throw something like a jab,because it gets AtoB, very quickly. The elliptical path is a narrow tear shape,okayé It covers more surface area and a bigger strike zone. So when your opponent is tryingto slip a punch, they're going to walk right

into it.Looking for patterns is key. Your opponent will tend to move left and right, forwardand back, and you have to be able to recognize this, so that you can anticipate where he'sgoing to be next. And you can utilize feints to make him move in a certain direction, sothat you can light him up with your next punch. Alright guys, thanks for watching. Make surethat you subscribe so that you can get the fightTIPS before your opponent does. And don'tforget to comment below on this tutorial and the next 4 that I upload so that you can havea chance to win one of these Quest AllStrikes. Until next time, I'm Shane Fazen. fightTIPS:Self Defense for the Underdogs.

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