How To Improve Vertical Nail Ridges

Nail Care How to Get Rid of Ridges in Nails

Today we're going to demonstrate how to removeridges from a nail. I'm going to use a four way file, it's got different grits on eachside. I'm going to use one that's if you look at the ridges, they're not too bad inhers, so I'm going to use the smoothest, what I'm going to do is just kind of just go overand make sure that just give them a nice little rub down. Then I'm going to take afour way or three way buffer and I'm going to start with the gray side. And just go downon the nail. Go then to the green side. And then to the white. And if you look, there are no ridges and it'ssmooth and shiny. And the things to determine

how much pressure you're going to remove theridges in the nail, it's going to depend on the size of the ridge. So you might want toadd a little more pressure 'cause she has like an artificial nail right on the edgethere so I'm going to just give it a little more pressure and then you're going to feelover it, just to feel once you don't feel any more bumps, then you can start with yourbuffer, and continue until you've got it used all three sides. And it's smooth.

Is There A Treatment For Vertical Lines Around The Mouth

Hi so we just got a question about howto fix vertical lip lines how I approach that is I inject hyaluronicacid filler into the perioral area the vertical lip line just like putting your lipliner on is where I would start to bring back the structure and thevolume we go from there whether we need anymore in the belly of the lip or above the perioral area.

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