How To Improve My Jump Shot

By | February 19, 2018

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Hi, this is Sean Hobson, and what we're talkingabout right now is the proper mechanics behind making a good jump shot. Once our jump shooteris ready to shoot, and he's come off his screen or he's set up his shot, and he catches theball and he gets down in a good stance, the next step we want to talk about is the properelevation to the jump shot. So let's get set and ready in the proper elevation. He's goingto come off, he's going to get a good base. Now we're ready to try to make this jump shothappen. The key ingredient in a jump shot, because it's called a jump shot, is the jump.The elevation. That's what will either make the shot happen, or throw the shot off. Typically,on a jump shot, you want to be able to jump

straight up in the air on your jump shot,and come straight down where you just jumped from. Usually when I see a player that missesthe ball a lot, I can look at his feet to see where he lands. He's either going to landbackwards, or sometimes they land forward because they're shooting it too hard. Anda lot of times they come off a screen and they fade to the right or the left. So theygo up from one spot, they land in another spot. It is very important when you elevatethat you go straight up to get a straight shot and come down. If you jump to the rightor left, your shot's going to go off to the right or left. If you fade backwards, you'regoing to leave it short. If you shoot forward,

and jump forward, most of the time you'regoing to hit the back of the iron. So in order to get a good shot, you're going to elevatein the proper way. Now, we're not going to necessarily worry about the shot right now,but I want Hunter to show you what it looks like to elevate properly. Go ahead. Good.So, he got himself set, his feet set, caught the ball, went up with it, got a good elevation,he came right straight down where he landed. He's going to be a good jump shooter.

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