How To Improve Jumping Ability For Soccer

By | January 30, 2017

Soccer Moves 3 Soccer Moves To Beat A Defender

Hey guys. This is Matt again from Epic SoccerTraining. I kind of want to take you through basically one of the things that I enjoy themost which is soccer moves and kind of teach you the ins and outs of how to make them better. I think most people especially in practice,they're not really taught to utilize moves as well because they're just taught to justdo the move and that's it but really when you think of soccer moves, you have to thinkof in terms – it's kind of like acting because you're selling a move. You're selling what'scalled feinting which is moving one way and then exploding the other way.

So, one of the first moves that I kind ofwant to teach you is basically a beginner move. I want to explain one that's kind ofa beginner, one that's an intermediate and then one that's more of an advanced, intermediateadvancedI guess. So, the first one is basic insideoutside cuts. So again a cut is just a simple touch acrossthe body and you want to be working on both feet. Having great coaches growing up, I wasblessed to have to work on my right foot as well even though I'm a lefty and many of youare probably righties. So again, you want to be able to work on both legs as well.

So one of the first ones is just going tobe – let's just work on the inside cut and so where you're kind of going across the bodyand it's a quick chop. A lot of people call it chops as well. So again, you're not kindof – this is one of those moves you don't need to sell as much because you don't wantit to look like you're coming across the body. You just kind of want to be up and then cutreal quick and then again you just work your way down the field doing that and then alsowhen you're doing these cuts, then start working your way to doing outside chops as well andthe outside chop is the same thing. It's just turning and again you want to have kind ofthis 90degree angle. So if you're going this

way, just cut it quick across his body andit's done so quickly where the defender doesn't really have time to jump out forward or ifthey do, you already passed a move because it doesn't take a whole lot of time beforeyou're just doing a quick cut. So again, work on that one and also work onkind of game speed. You're turning real quick and you're exploding out of it. It's givingyou space from the defender. So the next move I want to take you on iscalled the Cruyff which was coined by Johan Cruyff of the Netherlands who was actuallyvoted – he played from the 60s to the 80s but he was voted European Player of the Centuryand I think it was 1999 but he has this move

and it's basically a fake shot and it getsyou open. So you can use this a lot of times in the midfield as well. I mean really anybodycan use it but I played mainly like center mid offense attacking players so I use thismove all the time and especially if you want to get the ball to your dominant foot. So basically the Cruyff is a fake shot sowhat you do is you plant your foot – just like you're shooting but you plant it aheadof the ball so again so you can see it this way. If the goal is over here and I'm lookingto take a shot, you're planting ahead and then rolling the ball behind your leg andreally you're just rolling the ball with just

the very – pretty much your toes, just theball of your foot and you're doing it really quick and then touch it out or you can kickit harder and be open for a shot. But again if you're doing it from the rightside as well – I will go here. You're planting ahead and you're just lightly touching theball behind your leg and then you're going and you can take another shot which is somethingthat's really great to get open as well. So again really work on that one and reallywork on selling it. Get your arms involved and really look like you're taking a shotbecause ultimately what you want to do with this move as opposed to the chop is you wantto get the defender to jump because when he's

Soccer Drills Plyometric Training Agility Training Speed Training

today I have some soccer drills plyometric training agility training and speed training for you you to look at where I am I'm not at theMay soccer field I'm not a fancy training facility and actually on our bereserved for all time but no excuses you finish in the lobby out there are makingtoo many excuses I don't have nice facilities at nor to train I don't havean ace equipment to train with the truth is you don't need that you have two legsand you have the desire to gets it and you can get it so a little short workoutlike I said my workouts I don't want to be really long time to be short preciseto the point get it done and then you

can get on with your day so we're gonnado today is our song just explained and then I'll show you all the exercises andthen I wanted to try it you can do this every morning if you want you want toget your fitness on this isn't really to focus on strength to focus on speedfocus on stamina to get everything and keep it nice and sharp so you're atmatch fitness everyday now you can start when I run seeking just go for a job soyou went around your blog and go five minute jog jog doing stretches to yourdynamic so all that stuff to do with your team is growing kids ages gettinglicense when you get back and you're

going to get into it right away is gonna do 20 pushups view 20 squatsand you need to three sets of five repetitions for these two exercises touchups jumping bring your knees tochest again demonstrated a bit bring your knees up to your chest as high asyou can you gonna do straight leg cast jumps jumps high as you can withstraight legs on demonstrating a bit and you slaloms its long as I want to do towork on that dodging a messy desk fading players getting our way into work aswell then you gonna finish with some

sprint sprint working on you starts newone long distance fringes going as long as you can first fast as you can hard and you take a little more restover time less and less rest between each exercise so please be careful bothways of cars and all that stuff throughout the field enjoy it put inthat work and improve your fitness please like comment and share this Tutorialshare with your friends and teammates know they want to get better make sureyou subscribe for more tutorials

thanks for watching soccer drills agility training plyometric training and speed training.

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