How To High Jump Kick

How to Do a Tornado Kick Jumping Tips For a Tornado Kick

So now we've learned exactly what to do withour arms and how to set up for this movement. Now, right before we can go into the kickwe're going to learn how to jump. So that out kick can land effectively. Now when westep out right here, to this point we are in the horse stance. We're shifting, the secondwe shift all of our weight to the right leg. I'm going to just switch from this angle justto show you so I can face you. Go over here, we're shifting our weight from the left legto the right leg. Arms still in the same plain. The we dip, we just go down a little bit tospring up. The only purpose of going down is so we can spring up. Then we use the musclesin our right leg, our thighs, and our calves

and some ankles and push up in a straightupward motion. Some people lean back to much, so then they go off on the wrong plain andthey're basically, their body, or their leg or their arm will be pulling them in the wrongdirection. Therefore, bring in inefficient in the kick. You want to jump straight up,straight on the same path as your knee, your chest, and your head all in a straight line.As you can imagine a line going through you. So let me demonstrate one, slowly. Jump. Now,what you want to do, as I mentioned with the arms as this is coming up you also want yourleft leg to push up. All of this centers you at the same time brings your entire body upas much as possible. So, you want to remember

to bring up but also to actively push off.A lot of people just move with the momentum and they are able to get across but theirkick will not be as high as possible. So you want to run and jump. The reason that youcrouch down just a little bit is to give yourself that extra distance to push up. If you onlygo down a little bit and try to push up you will only be able to jump up a little bit.But if you spring down lower you will be able to jump up higher. However, obviously, ifyou go down to low then it's to tiring to go that extra distance and jump up. So thereis the right height as I mentioned before. Which is about, about a comfortable horsestance height, like so. Next we'll show you

the kick.

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