How To Complete A Vertical Jump

By | February 20, 2017

Vertical Jump

The vertical jump is a good way to measurepower. For this test, you'll need a safe placeto complete the exercise, a measuring tape, a piece of chalk to mark your results, anda helper to watch your form and measure your highest reach.Before you start, try a couple of practice jumps. The proper form for the jump is tostand with your legs a hipwidth apart and with your heels directly under your hips.If you start with a stance wider than that, you'll lose power as you jump.Push your hips back and move your hands back and down.Next, hinge your hips forward and drive up.

When you're ready to start, stand beside thewall. Keep your feet flat on the ground, and reach as high as you can with your hand thatis closest to the wall. Mark the highest point of your fingertipsto denote your standing reach height. Now, step away from the wall and leap verticallyas high as you can. As you jump, touch the wall at the highestpoint. Your helper will measure the distance betweenthe two marks. Your score is the distance between your standingreach height and your jump height. You can attempt this test three times.Record the best of three attempts on your

scorecard. Don't forget to compare your resultsto the charts in the course.

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