How High Dolphins Jump

Ouch Jumping Cactus Attack

I'm Coyote Peterson. Get ready for a very special Behind the Adventure. (yowl) (adventurous drum music) Welcome back, Coyote Pack. Well, Breaking Trail season two has officially launched.

We've had a couple of great episodes out there so far. The one where I get chomped by the collared lizard, and the one where I showed you the three species of scorpions that live in the Sonoran Desert. We've got a lot of questions

where you've asked, quot;Do any scenes ever get cut out of the episodeséquot; As a matter of fact, there's quite a bit of content that doesn't make it into each tutorial. Here's a pretty cool scene that didn't quite make it into the collared lizard episode.

Hope you enjoy. The Sonoran Desert is absolutely beautiful. While most of the time, it's hotter than an oven, as the sun is startingto get lower in the sky, the temperatures are dropping, (chuckles) if I dare say the temperatures are dropping

from like 108 to maybe somewhere around 100, but even still, that will help bring outsome of the wildlife. I love being on the search for reptiles, but this environment is hostile, and I always seem to find myself running into the biological landmines. Whoa, watch out for that cactus.

Especially the spiky ones. Here, check this out. You know what that is, righté That is a teddy bear cholla. But let me tell you what it isn't: cuddly like a teddy bear. All you have to do isget close to this plant, and pieces of it will pop off

Dolphin Escapes Tank at SeaWorld

inaudible chattingWhistleblower: That's crazy Aw, poor guy.Inaudible.


Music Yeah. So. Put up a tutorial in Tony's room. The remainder of the squad that's still alive from this eleven day trip, is going to track down to levers through the canyon, to go jump off a couple cliffs. It should be pretty dope, right guysé Hell, yeah! We have not stopped.

That's if we survive the climb there Silence Ah! Alright, so, yeah. We've been goin hard everysingle day and we're not stopping here. We'll see you guys along this magicaljourney and gopro vlog. Background Hi ,Honey Background Don't do that. Oh! It's actually going to look sick because of the lighting.

So as you guys know, we've been in Mexicofor over a week now posting tutorials. Almost every single day. We've only missed days because theadventures go on for so long that there's not even a couple of minutesleft of the day to upload a tutorial or else would be at likemidnight and that's not even worth it so. If you guys haven't seen the past eight or sotutorials to Mexico go check them out. They are on the homepage of the channel and Ithink we're going to grab a drink really quick. To cool off

cool off before the long hot wash. We made it to the rocks and now we climb. Music All Right. Music Whaté This is ité (Inaudible) Wow that was the easiest walk ever.

It's normallyso much harder. Music Huhhuh! Woooooo. Heavy Breathing Seems doable. Hey let's just walk down the slipperysliding rocks right here and you'll be good.

Background Yeah. Huh huh huh. (Laughing) Background Gnarly climb bro. You got it. Just get over there and stick it. We're going down towards the water now. You know, the second one. To the right. You're good. You stay low and hold on. You're good. We got you.

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