How High Can You Jump On Uranus

By | December 7, 2016

Can You Survive Breaking The Sound Barrier

Last week, a senior vice president of Googlequietly parachuted from 135,890 feet, breaking the sound barrier in the process. How is itthat a human can fall faster than soundé Hey guys, Amy here for DNews, and to callthe sound barrier a “barrierâ€� is actually a bit of a misnomer. Anything moving through the air, like an airplane,has to push air molecules out of its way to move. This forms a pressure wave in frontof and behind the airplane, and the faster that airplane flies the faster those moleculeshave to move out of the way. The pressure waves start to compress. At a certain point,the molecules can't get out the way fast

enough and. They form a “barrier� in frontof the airplane that also compresses the pressure wave into a single shock wave that moves atthe speed of sound, commonly called Mach 1. When the airplane goes faster than the speedof sound it pierces through that barrier created by the built up shock wave, creating a negativepressure space around it. The sonic boom is the sound associated with the sudden changeof pressure. Engineers worked long and hard to get a planeto fly through the socalled sound barrier and go supersonic in level flight in the 1940s;for years pilots trying to fly faster than sound had airplane shake and break apart aroundthem thanks to those pressure waves. It was

Chuck Yeager piloting the X1, which was designedto look and fly like a bullet, who first broke through that invisible wall in the sky. So how can a human make it through the soundbarrier without a perfectly aerodynamic rocketpowered airplaneé There's more to going supersonic than justspeed. Altitude, and specifically the thickness of the atmosphere at different altitudes,is a major factor. The higher the altitude the thinner the atmosphere, which means thereare fewer air molecules for a plane, or a body, to get out of the way.

Because extreme parachute jumpers like FelixBaumgartner and Alan Eustace jumped and free fell from such high altitudes, it was easierfor them to move air molecules out of the way to hit Mach 1 because the air is lessdense. Baumgartner didn't need rockets to break through the sound barrier falling frommore than 127,000 feet. Yeager, flying the X1 at 43,000 feet, on the other hand, didneed a rocket boost. But interestingly, Baumgartner's supersonic moment required just 10 miles perhour less than Yeager's. And, of course, specialized pressure suitsthese jumpers wore play a big part. Suits designed to protect the wearer from the shockwaves associated with the sound barrier, even

in less dense air, are vital to success. Andnot to mention survival. So what do you guys think. Would you makea supersonic jumpé Let us know in the comments below and don'tforget to subscribe for more DNews every day of the week.

How much would an elephant weigh on Mars

How much would an elephant weigh on Marsé Did you know that if a 5Ton African elephant ever succeeds in spacetravel, its weight would not change dramatically if it decides to visit Venus, Saturn, or Uranus, even though that those planets have

very different physical properties, including their mass and dimensions. On Mars and Mercury the an elephant s weight would drop to be just as heavy as a 2Ton white rhino. Again the same weight on very different planets.

So what does science have to say about all of thisé The weight of an elephant on earth is the gravitational force between the elephant and earth, and is determined by the following formula, first coined by Isaac Newton:

mM r^2 Small m is the mass of the elephant which measures how much matter exists in the elephant. It is constant which means that whether the elephant is on the earth, the moon or just floating in space,

it would still have the same mass. Capital M, on the other hand, represents the mass of the earth. And r is the distance between the elephant and the center of the earth. What the formula is really saying is that the heavier the planet is in mass, the heavier the elephant s weight would become.

And the larger the planet is in size, the exponentially lighter the elephant wouldbecome. Lets take the moon for example. The earth is about 81 times heavier than the moon, and about 3.7 times as large. So using Newton's formula as a guide, the elephant s weight on the moon

Wow Alien Contact The Wow Signal Unsolved Histories Laughing Historically

Not the ones from Mexico. Conspiracy theories aside, scientifically, we may have once. On August 15, 1977, astronomer Jerry R. Ehmanwas working on the SETI project at Ohio University's Big Ear Radio Telescope. SETI's name is literally their job, the SearchFor Extra Terrestrial Intelligence and that night, Ehmam's hunt was focused on the skyin the region of Sagittarius. Looking at his readout, Ehmam saw somethingutterly different from anything he had seen before.

Six letters that he circled and wrote quot;Wow!quot;next to. To explain his excitement, each line of thepaper readout represented the strength of the signal as the telescope scanned the skywith a scale of 19 through AZ. Looking at the readings, you can see how boringthings were, then something pops up and almost breaks the needle, reaching the letter U. Here's where it gets interesting. Jerry had hypothesized that if aliens werebroadcasting and wanted to get our attention they would transmit on a spectrum near thatof Hydrogen, as its one of the most abundant

elements in the universe. The Wow signal was right on the hydrogen line. Earth devices don't broadcast anywhere closeto hydrogen which ruled out any interference from earth, like episodes of Happy Days. It also came in on only one of the 50 channelsthe telescope was tuned to, tossing out noisy lessfocused natural occurrences like Quasarsand Uranus. Now, unlike me, scientists being scientistsaren't very quick to jump to aliens as an explanation for anything.

But in the case of the Wow signal, no onehas given a plausible explanation since. The universe is 13.8 billion years old andat best guess there are over 40 billion earth sized planets in our galaxy alone. According to the popular Drake Equation, therecould be up to 100 million active alien civilizations in just the Milky Way. So odds are far greater that we have company,than are one giant cosmic accident. But don't start hoarding Reese's Pieces incase you have ET visitors just yet. It would make sense if an alien civilizationwas advanced enough to send a strong message

across the cosmos, they wouldn't just sendit out once. They would probably repeat their broadcastand unfortunately, so far, that area of Sagittarius the Wow signal came from has been silent sinceJerry's discovery in 1977. So the search for extraterrestrial intelligencegoes on, along with the search for just plain terrestrial intelligence. We may still have time to start building thespace wall.

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