Highest Nfl Vertical Jump Ever

How to Increase Your Vertical Leap

Vertical leap: How to increase your verticalleap. Oh, hey.I didnt see you there. Well, in this episode, I'm going to be teachingyou how to increase your vertical leap. Let's go.Alright, the first thing your going to need is a fresh pair of kicks.Observe, presto. Alright, next thing your going to want todo, is some squats. Do it with me.Im not having a seizure, I'm just doing my warmup.One!

Whoo, two!Uh, three! Next, I'm going to perform a very dangerousmove, know as, the matrix squat. Are you readyéOh, I did it. That one is worth a million. Try to beat that, a million squats, please.Next, your going to want to jump over small objects.Alright, see this, this counts as jumping over a house in some countries.Remeber, from all those squats we did, a million Cut!No, keep rolling, keep rolling Keep rollingéI think I have angina.

Alright, I can push through.Alright, alright alright. So for this next one, your going to want topush yourself. Do things that would otherwise kill you.Alrighté You see this box here, it's creating a distractionfor my assistant. Even with angina!Assistant take it away! What a lousy assistant!Anyway, push yourself to your limits. Bring it on!Wait, we never did this one before! Assistant what did I tell you about the boxéYou think this is funnyé

You want me to come over thereéI'll pound you with my squats! That's what I thought.Leave the premises immediatly. Alright, bring it!Oh, oh, oh my god! Even with angina!Angina!.

Vertical Jumping Tips Land on Heels or Toes Before Jumping

Vertical Jumping TipsLand on Heels or Toes Before Jumping.

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