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GTA 5 Content Creator How To Make BIG Jumps Or Massive Jumps on GTA 5

GTA 5 Content Creator How To Make BIG Jumps Or Massive Jumps on GTA 5 alarmist sevenyear I mention how to make big jumps incomecountry content creator the race is a big Jim's a massive jobsso first of all you want to do is start by just laying down three small jumps now these are available inthe props are three small jumps laid him down as well as you can infinity a reallywanna do you jump

to try line them up as absolute straightas you possibly can so be the omissions in the end otherwisewhen people hit the jump off in different directions now once you've made on the three smallones behind them lay down 3 big jumps on large ramps as the cold know once you lay down just hover overand pick it up by President on and then let on top up the small roundnow this will create a much more vertical climb so the biggerthe jump

the the better it is CC drop it take itup and then let down the best you can try and keep everythingexactly straight se si that was just read there's a big gap inthere now if someone hits at Gap on say a motorbike if you do any more by Chris they'llprobably jump off and that's not what you want to do so China line them up exactly history asyou possibly can once you've got get this be done

you will get yourself into a rhythm andyou'll be able to build things like steak is the heaven and it's done exactly this way so linedthem up as well as you can little jumps first small jumps an amp upthe large sums on top now what you've done that way you wantto do is go to containers and the first antenna they come to thatone well you wanna do is in place that right in the middle at thejumps so one day one on the middle in the nextjump and I am one in the middle if the

next jump it's best to try and lay them out asclearly lol is in line as you possibly can so onceyou've done that why you wanna do it again is get three small jumps down at a and thenjust come pick it up and then place it exactly in line withthe top of the last jump so you see that small gym gives it the high did need so they're not gonna like jump bounce jumpbounce jump bounce it is going to be one

clear jump to pick up the second partlining up as best you can sometimes I may not change the viewabove so many easy for me but he just lined up the black lineswhere the car wheels be as well as you can sometimes it's alittle bit tricky sometimes it's not let them down right hand and three so I she got threelet three light it up as as best he can I i Kant let you know how important that is forwhen you make me jump

GTA 5 How To Put Hydraulics Jump Your Lowrider VehiclesCars in GTA Online LOWRIDERS DLC Update

Hey everybody how's it going my name is Usmanand today I'm bringing you guys a quick tutorial on how to put hydraulics and do all thosejumps in GTA Online, so today we got a lowriders dlc and we are able to put hyrdraulics on the 6 new vehicles that we got within thisDLC update, so you wanna pull up your phone, go over to benny's website and then head straightto stock and purchase any vehicle that you like, honestly I was surprised by that price it's not even expensive but you will burna lot of your money on customizing your low

rider vehicles. After purchasing, set yourwaypoint to benny's workshop, you will get the location icon on the map once you talkwith Lamar and that is necessary before customizing,so do not ignore his call, after that. once you get the chance to get inside of benny'sworkshop you wanna purchase only two things in order for the hydraulics to work and thatis going to be the first upgrade for this vehicleit's gonna cost us 420K, 420 put that shit in the comments below, once you upgrade yourcar you will going to have an option for hydraulics, head straight to that option and you wanna

purchase the one you like, but keep that inmind that more powerful pumps will give you more height and in this case the most expensiveupgrade will give you the most height. So here you go you finally got yourself a lowridervehicle now in order to activate your hydrolics holdand release X for ps4 and A for xbox one to achieve height and by holding x or a turnyour left analog stick in a direction and you will make those wheels jump. So hopefully this will save your time puttingon hydraulics as soon as you're home from school or work, if it did helped you out smashthat like button, as well share this with

yo' friends and subscribe fo' mo' so yeahguys that is really about it.

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