Highest Jump Kitesurf

Motorbike BASE Jump Daredevil Captures Incredible Stunt On GoPro

00:10COMM: This is the moment Brad O'Neill's childhood dream came true. 00:17COMM: Since the age of twelve, the daredevil has dreamt of basejumping from a dirtbike.All he needed was a massive ramp and lots of speed. 00:36COMM: Shooting up the 60ft kicker, the 26yearold flies high into the sky above Lake Franklin,Texas. 00:43COMM: As the bike drops back to earth, he

deploys his parachute just in time, beforeit crashes into the water. 00:50COMM: Despite getting a soaking, this is one wish he can finally cross off the bucket list. 00:55BRAD: Holy s**t! 00:58MAN: Huck it, yes, yes! Whoo hoo! Yes! 01:04MAN: Get out of there. Get over here, I only have one set of clothes! Yes buddy!.

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