Highest Jump Into Water And Survive

By | February 25, 2017

I Jumped Off The Golden Gate Bridge

We havelost far too many lives traveling the path to this day. Since 1937, over 2,000 people have died at the Golden Gate Bridge. I feel lucky to be alive every single day. (ambient orchestral music) Of the thousands that have diedoff the Golden Gate Bridge, I am of the 1% who have survived.

So I was born on drugs and premature and then I bouncedaround from home to home. Nobody wanted to keepme because I was sick. And I got lucky. I landed in the home ofPatrick and Debra Hines. I had a great childhood. I thought growing up thateverything's gonna be great. And then at 17, it all came crashing down.

If you can imagine feelingthat everyone around you is out to get you, trying to hurt you, and trying to kill you. And you believe that to be the truth. From the extreme paranoia, Iexhibited symptoms of mania. From the mania came the hallucinations, both auditory and visual. And so with that and the bipolar disorder,

I just was spiraling out of control. I vividly rememberwriting my suicide note. People don't get it, likeI thought I was a burden to everyone who loved me,because that's what my brain told me, because that'show powerful your brain is. I got off the bus. I walked slowly down the walkwayof the Golden Gate Bridge. People rode by me, droveby me, walked by me.

And a woman approached me and she said, quot;Will you take my pictureéquot; She said quot;thanksquot; and she walked away. It was that moment I justsaid, quot;Nobody cares.quot; The reality was that everybody cared. I just couldn't see it. I ran forward and using my two hands I catapulted myself into freefall.

What I'm about to sayis the exact same thing that 19 Golden Gate Bridgejump survivors have also said. The millisecond my hands left the rail, it was an instant regret. And I remember thinking,quot;No one's gonna know quot;that I didn't wanna die.quot; In four seconds I fell 75miles an hour, 25 stories. And I hit the water.

Slow Motion Flipping Cat Physics Smarter Every Day 58

Hey it's me Destin Welcome back to SmarterEveryDay So you've probably observed that cats almost always land on their feet Today's question is why. Like most simple questions there's a very complex answer

For instance let me reword this question How does a cat go from feet up To feet down In a falling reference frame without violating the conservation of angular momentum Now I've studied free falling bodies, my own in fact in several different environments and once i get my angular rotation started in one direction, I can't stop it. Today, we're going to use a high speed camera we're not going to use Alley

because this is my daughter's cat, i don't want to hurt it we're going to use a stunt cat let me introduce you to GiGi the stunt cat (music) I'll just flip the uh, the tutorial vertical and then motion track the cat it's just going to take a lot more effort in post

We're going to try to do it in a way that doesn't make anybody mad That's pretty hard to do. You gotta drop the cat Ready GiGié Good kitty Checking out the high speed data there GiGié Ok the first thing a cat does when it's falling is try to figure out which way is up.

It does this either with the gyro in the ear or with its eyes Ready to talk cat physicsé Alright. So check out this footage i captured with the Phantom Miro While GiGi goes to get a drink of water. So here's what's interesting about this to me. You'll notice that at the beginning of the drop the cat is not rotating

halfway through the drop the cat is rotating and at the very end GiGi somehow stopped rotating Newton's law says an object at rest will stay at rest unless acted on by an external force I see no external forces on this cat So what's happening hereé It's not making sense to me O.K. so in order to really get the right data

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