Highest Jump Ever On A Trampoline

By | December 5, 2016

3 3 Jump on 3 Trampolines

Hello. This is HEOPOP. I brought a trampoline today. No matter how high I jumped, this is the limit. To closer to the sky, I'll make triple layer trampoline. I'll put little smaller trampoline on this big one and much smaller one on the top.

Then, I'll jump on the top. I'll see if I could jump higher or not. I'll see if I could jump higher or not. Okay. I got smaller trampoline that this. It's not finished yet. The smallest one here. I have 3 trampolines here.

I'm going to jump from here. I brought 3 different sized trampolines. I'll layer it like a cake. I'll do double layer first. I think it's nice. Let's start to jump on it. I can jump higher! Much higher!

Then I'll put the smallest oneand jump on the top. I'll not fly away, righté It's time to start to jump on the triple layer trampolines. I made triple layer trampolines. First, second, and third layer here. Let's see how I could jump higher than normal trampoline. I'll go up! Layer 1

Layer 2 Layer 3 Oh. It's different feelings. It's because I start to jump much higher. Let's do it! Go! Three Two

One Jump! It's higher! It's hard to keep my balance. I'll do my best this time. One, two, go! It really could jump. I can jump on triple trampolines.

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