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BIGair Stunt Walkthrough Gas Tank Precision Just Cause 2 Multiplayer

Alright guys, how you doingé I'm dab88 and today we're gonna do a walkthrough of a stunt I found at airport 3 We're just dropping in to airport 3 now I've already found this stunt I was eh, actually playing withfriend of mine Subzero we were playing last night and we came across this stunt I've tried it in the past never really committed to it

but last night I nearly hit it and I've decided to come back this morning because, well. I think I can hit it. Yeah. so you can see in the distance there, we've got the moon just going down I'm trying to explain what we're trying to hit but yeah we're gonna go off this green ramp and we're gonna land on one of these explosive things now, I say land on one of them that's because we might explode some them and if they explode we're gonna have totry again, on another one

Here we go, first attempt and we sailed straight over not good, not good. Right ok back to the start and what we'll do is, eh, we. we. we'll try, again! grrrrrrrrr oh, miles too fast wooohooooaaaaaah almost landed in, almost landed in it without a bike

Right think we need to start from a little bit closer, so what we're gonna do is, we're gonna set a new home a little bit closer coz I think we're going too fast atthe moment right new home it set. Let's go. Let's see if this is any better going a bit slower. Maybe break ooah! That was better, that was a lot better let's continue trying with that Do we wanna be aiming left a bit here I thinké

aw god damn! I think we wanna be aiming left a bit so we maybe OOOOOOH! HO, OUCH! so if we maybe knock off the pipe and land it oh was that ité oh god damn, god damn. I seriously thought that was it for a second I thought we had just bounced straight up in the air after sorta hitting the top through we were gonna land straight back down in it that would be well cool

not again! I'm not sure if this is possible ooooh, mega faceplant we've been, we were really close last night we got really severely close oh my god! what happened there this is gonna be the one, I can feel it oh! I almost didn't believe it though

UNLIMITED C4 BEACONS MOD New Just Cause 3 Mods Funny Moments

FYNNPIRE gt;gt; How's it going everybodyé My nameis Fynnpire and we are playing Just Cause 3. Today we have got some more mods to lookat, so we've got an unlimited beacons mod. So this should allow us to summon as manyof whatever the hell we want from the rebel drops. So you can, well I'm hoping you cansummon multiples of various things, preferably those big fucking exploding spheres that wehad last time. We've also got unlimited c4. so you can just drop as much c4 as you want.the suns going down. The cheeky bastard. Alright lets throw this one, lets throw it. No. No.Where you going where you goingé Oh okay it should drop right here hopefully. Sweet. That'scool. We didn't really make room for anything

else though. So that was a little bit stupid.Okay alright its fine. Its fine guys. So hopefully with these mods we should just be able toblow up so much shit. That all the shit in fact. Just faeces everywhere. This is goingto be so cool. Incredibly deadly, but I'm just trying to work out where we should butthis thing I'm guessing maybe here just to give ourselves a little bit of space, a littlebit of space cause we don't want it to land on the other ball because I'm guessing thatwould just make the two of them. They're off. And there off. No that way. That way, thatway. Aargh. Yes. That way. Nice. Cool. Whoa. Far out man that was crazy. Just like twoexplosive testicles rolling down the hill.

I reckon I could probably summon quite a fewof these just on the side of this little hill here. See if we could get them rolling downto. Who are you going for buddyé What the hell man. What an angry lad. Just runs uphere and starts fucking firing on people. Calm down champ. Calm down you're like a spaceman. Oh right okay lets summon a few of these get them all up the side of this hill hereand see if we can get them to roll towards the town. Lets get another one over here somewherethat looks like a good spot. You have to be careful because if they sorta get bumped orwhatever they just stat to roll away. And the you. See look at that. What's that aboutéWhy are you already rolling away why are you

doing thaté That's sucks. That really sucks.Oh no. Yeah we kind of killed a few people there. Oh right there's four. Lets go backa little bit. Lets go back a little bit. Holy hell man this takes forever. You got to goin you got to summon it. You got to wait for it to drop and then oh was that too closeto the other ones. And then you got to wait for it to drop. And then you got to do itall again. You know what it would be quicker for me to grow a pair of tits. There's five.We could probably get a few more, we could probably y get a few more. There's anotherone there's another. There's got to be that's gotta be six. To get these bad boys goingI reckon we just go around an d place some

c4 on the ground and that should set themall off. So if we pop some c4 there and maybe one over here as well. I don't know how weare going to get that one cause its fucking floating right up there isn't it looks verykind of scfi like an alien space ship and just going to come down, just start stickingstuff up my butt. Lets set these bad boys off. Lets do it. Here we go. Here we go. Isthat a deeré I think that's a deer its about to have a bad day. laughs It really is ohthis is cool. Man. Holy fuck. Holy fucking snappers. I thought they were going to rollaway theirs a little bit of it. and we killed somebody alright that was a little bit, ohthe deer, the deer it didn't make it. Put

some of these on his but. There we go andon his deer leg and maybe, maybe some just on his deer eyes as well. There we go. Ohlook at that there you go champ. alright, now he's off to a better place. Laughs.Where's he goingé There's something so dark about this game I swear. Every time I've playedthis game I'm like, I'm pretty fucking certain Ricco is the bad guy in this. The amount ofdestruction this guys causes is untrue. This is what I'm talking about I'd be a littlebit concerned if I was in if, I was in the city at the moment. Although I don't thinkshe cares this person down I really don't okay. Alright how are we going to get thesethings going. I guess we will just shoot them.

Just Cause 2 Hot Air Balloon Location

The hot air balloon is located south of Panau City on a relatively big island. Epic Fail! Hit a tree! Epic Fail! Hit a tree! And if you can't figure out how to get the hot air balloon off the ground, shoot the bags on the sides, all four, then jump in and start the burner.

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