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By | February 17, 2017

Volleyball Training Resistance Bands Vertical Jump Training Part 6

Speaker 1: So, what we're going to do is you'regoing to start here at the edge. You're going to take two shuffles. We've got three jumpspots along the net. You're going to sink down, then take two shuffles, six jumps, allright, as high as you can, two shuffles, six jumps, as high as you can. Two shuffles, howmany jumpsé Speaker 2: Six.Speaker 1: Six, right. Then we're going to jog on back here. Listen up, we're jog backhere, we're going to follow this red line. It's Inaudible 00:00:32. You're going tosit wide and you're going to sit down in it, you're going to keep your feet wide and you'regoing to slowly shuffle. This is a little

more of that injury prevention stuff, okay,very important. So don't let your feet come together, it's going to burn okay. It's goingto burn. You're going to get all the way to that red corner and then you're going to jogback up and get in line, okayé Good. Two shuffles, six jumps. Good. Comeon now, you got to get up, got to get up. Remember, don't let those knees buckle. Hustleup, hustle up, hustle up. Throw the knees. When you jump if you land and your knees dothis you will hurt your knee one day. So, you have to consciously think about it ifyour knees are shifting in. Control your legs so when you land you have soft neutral knees.Don't let your legs go like this when you

land.Least amount of time on the ground the better. Good. Great job, there's a good set. Good.Catch the bar, ladies, set the bar. Quick jumps, quick jumps. So when you're here it'snot this, got to be quick, got to be quick. As soon as you hit your.Keep going ladies, keep going, stand up. Get higher, higher every set, higher. Good. Alittle higher, little higher, you got a little more in there.

Volleyball Training Resistance Bands Drills for Higher Jumps Part 7

Speaker 1: Here's what you're going to doéYou're going to be here. You're going to jump and you're going to try to bring your kneesto your chest, okay. You're going to land soft and you're going to immediately go backup for another. It looks like this, okay. Now when you do pliometric exercises, as soonas your feet hit the floor, you want to try to get back up, all righté If you take yourtime when you land you're not going to improve your jump height, all righté As soon as youhit you want to take your feet back up, all righté What are these bands going to do foryoué Who here has a knee injury or has had one or knows a lot of people who've had kneeinjuries, anybodyé Volleyball, it happens

a lot. When you wear the bands basically whathappens is your legs are going to start fighting against the resistance, and you're not goingto get this little action. You guys ever heard of ACLinjuryé Happens a lot in volleyball,so we're going to use these to help stabilize our knees a little bit, allrighté Everybody ready go, get your knees up, getyour knees up, get your knees wide , you want to get them outside your hip line, good, go,go, go five, four, three, two, one, relax. Make sure that you're not letting your kneescome in when you land. Some of you girls are like this, see my knees. You have to controlyour body, so you can prevent injuries, all

righté You strengthen your body against thisresistanceyou're going to keep your knees safer, all righté So when we jump, we landin a neutral position again, don't let them buckle, all righté Get your knees up, get your knees up. inaudible00:01:32 try to get better at that, try to get better.Yeah, quick off the ground, quick,quick, quick, three, two, one. All right everybody you want to know what I heardé I heard stompingof rhinos through here, softly, real soft landing. Try to control your body when youget here, soft, soft. Great go, quick feet, soft feet, that's much better, much better.Okay,if you don't trying to get higher you're not

going to get any better.

run faster jump higher resistance band training Acceleration and explosion exercises

Speaker 1: Today, I want to work on some drills,some plyometric drills, for acceleration, for speed, if you're wanting to obviouslyrun faster and jump higher. These are going to be some good drills that you can do. Again,I'm using the kinetic bands. I'm getting the resistance, working my core muscles all atthe same time. First one that I'm going to do is what wecall a rocket jump. That is we're going to get in the basic stance of where you wouldbe jumping. This is for jumping and for explosion, but we're going to call it a rocket jump towhere this is your normal basketball or volleyball position where you would start to jump. Then,we're just going to explode. We're going to

do that rapidly, as many as you can. Try togo for 10 or 15 seconds. Really try to come down in the same spot that's going to helpyou with your balance and your control and again work acceleration and your explosion.Then, we're going to go into what we call the squat jump. Where you're actually goingto come down to here. Try to come down to parallel, and then you're going to explode.Come back down, still want to be doing it sort of like the rocket where you're jumpinglike that. Just keep going down, coming back to that same spot and really hitting thatbalance and explosion. Then, what we're going to do is we're goingto go into sort of a mountain climber, but

we're going to come down here, out, and backup, and then we're going to explode. Down, out, up, just like that. You're really goingto feel that in your quadriceps and your glutes and your hips, and you're going to get somegood abdominal work. Our next drill is going to be what we calla wide out. We're going to be working on the outer part of our leg here. We're just basicallygoing to come down like this and go out like this, and in, and out, in, out. The loweryou get the more you're really going to feel it back here in this hip and this hip flexor,so just continue. Try to do that in a slow motion like this, and then try to come outand do it in a real fast motion. You're really

going to feel that in the hip flexors.Then, we're going to do some of the old fashioned mountain climbers. We're going to get downhere, straighten that back out, up, up, up, up, just like that. Again, that's going tobe something that you're really going to feel in the glutes. You're going to feel it inyour hamstrings and you're going to feel it in your quadriceps.Then, we're going to do an advanced mountain climber where we're going to come and we'regoing to bring it out here to the outside of your elbow, and back, out, back, out, righthere. You're actually going to get some good work on the inner thigh and that groin areaand back here in the glutes and the hips and

the quads.éé éé éé éé.

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