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By | January 22, 2017

President Obama Plays HORSE with CBS Clark Kellogg

President Obama:Can I just say whoever on mystaff decided it was a good idea for me to play pig againsta former All American Clark Kellogg:Oh, Mr. President, seemed like President Obama: doesn't seem like theywere thinking things through. Clark Kellogg:Haha. I knowyou're a competitor. President Obama:How are you doing, mané Clark Kellogg:Oh, Mr. President,I'm doing terrific. I'm a competitive guy by nature likeyou would love this challenge.

President Obama:I'm a competitive guy but notplaying against Clark Kellogg. I can out talk 'em. Clark Kellogg:Does that mean you'restill coming after my job at some pointé President Obama:I'm still coming after your job. Clark Kellogg:All right. Well, we'll see. I thought if we playedsome out there, righté President Obama:Okay. All right. Let's go.

Clark Kellogg:See what you got. President Obama:What have we got,three right hereé Clark Kellogg:Yep. President Obama:All right. You knowI shoot under pressure. Clark Kellogg:I know that! Youhandle pressure well. Clark Kellogg:Okay, there's your firstletter. That's your P. President Obama:All right. I got P. I got P. Clark Kellogg:All right, here's the pressure.He's knocking this one down.

President Obama:That's money. Clark Kellogg:Boom! Whoa. I thoughtit was in the hole. President Obama:All right, I got PO. Clark Kellogg:So are you gonna get achance to watch some of the action thisweekend, Mr. Presidenté Will you watch the Final Fouré President Obama:I will, I will definitelywatch the games. And if I get skunked

Clark Kellogg:You're not gonna miss that one! President Obama: then I guess you'regoing to have to keep your job, aren't youé Clark Kellogg:Yeah, I am going to keep my job. Let me hear you talkabout what the tournament, what you have been able to seefromthe tournament so far this weeké President Obama:You know, this has beenprobably one of the most balanced tournamentsthat we've seen.

Clark Kellogg:Yeah. President Obama:And terrific excitement. I mean, when you see,like, a northern Iowa Clark Kellogg:Yeah. President Obama: pull off a game likethey did against Kansas, I think, yeah, that makes everybodyinvested in the tournament. And that's what makesMarch Madness terrific. I am going to comeback right now!

TheDuo Behind theRunning Man ChallengePhenomenon

It's the viral danceeveryone is talking about. It's not the whip nahnah. It's not the dab. It's called the running man challenge. Take a look. gt;gt; All I want's some respect formaking this dance. Can I get some credé Come on, Ellen.

I wanna be on Ellen. MUSIC gt;gt; APPLAUSE gt;gt; And it all started with two youngmen from Hillside, New Jersey. Please welcome Kevin Vincent andJeremiah Hall. There's so many dances out there,and you made this dance up, and how did you start this. gt;gt; Well, one day, in my teacher Ms.

Graham's class,we were just sitting there, bored. Just sitting there. gt;gt; Hi, Ms. Graham. gt;gt; Yeah, hi, Ms. Graham. gt;gt; LAUGHgt;gt; Yeah, and we were sitting there and the songgt;gt; My boo just started playing in my head. So I was like I was justlike going sing it. So I started singing and yea.

gt;gt; I started dancing it, and sowe just decided to make a tutorial. gt;gt; What does Ms. Graham teaché gt;gt; Financegt;gt; Finance. Yea. gt;gt; How was Ms.Graham during this portion of the. gt;gt; Talking on the phonegt;gt; So no, but it was to the office. gt;gt; So it was to the office. gt;gt; LAUGHTERgt;gt; She is a great teacher.

But we decided to be ourselves andbe silly. gt;gt; So we had free time. gt;gt; And so did the people in the classlike the dance and start tryingé gt;gt; Honestly,they just sat there and watched us. They didn't, I don't know why,but they just sat there and stared at us like we were crazy. gt;gt; All right, so, you sent the tutorial andthen you asked me for help, you said, you called me out soof course I'm going to have you on,

and then these two basketball playersactually made it go viral, righté gt;gt; Yes.gt;gt; How did that happené gt;gt; I honestly don't know. One day I was doing the dance and I posteda lot of tutorials on my Instagram and then I woke up and these guys,the Maryland basketball players, they did it andgt;gt; We were like, whaté We made this. gt;gt; Yeah, everyone is doing it now.


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