High Jump Equipment List

By | December 27, 2016


My name is Aaron Kyro. I'm a sponsored skateboarder from the SanFrancisco Bay area. And today I'm going to teach you guys howto ollie higher The first thing I'm going to go over is the stepsof the regular ollie So you guys can see the difference Notice my front foot just down from the frontbolts And my back foot with the ball of my toe juston the edge of the tail So that's the foot position just for a regular ollie

And the first step you're going to do to practicea regular ollie Is just clacking your tail on the ground justlike that So just stand still and just lift up yourfront leg And slap your tail on the ground for a littlebit That's the first step of learning how to ollie The second step is actually this motion ofyour foot right here So notice how my sole of my shoe goes intoa 90 degree angle And then I slide my foot up

It's actually that slide that gives your boardthe lift. Nothing else. It is that slide that brings your tail upoff the ground Because the front of your board is alreadyoff the ground So you just have to level your board out inthe air bringing the tail up And it's that slide of the front foot whichdoes that So that's the basic ollie I'm sure many of you guys have already gottenthe ollie down But if you haven't, you can just practicethose steps

And you'll get it down So the difference between a regular ollie And when I'm trying to ollie higher or ollieover something Is that I put my front foot further back Notice how much further back my front footwas on that oneƩ Instead of being up near the truck, it wasdown towards the middle of the board And what that does, is it gives me more roomon the board to slide my foot up So instead of having it right there up nearthe front truck

I'm going to slide that front foot back abouthalfway Right in the middle as you can see there And then I can have a little more room to slide And power the ollie a little bit higher intothe air So yeah it's just that motion right there You can even hear my shoes sliding on thegrip tape You also need to be able to jump high And you actually have to be able to jump

And bend your knees up into the air when youdo the ollie Because obviously when your board goes upinto the air Your legs are going to crouch up So the higher you can get your board While crouching your legs up into the air Is going to be how high you can get your ollie Now it definitely helps to have a nice freshboard Like not an old soggy board where the woodis like all damp

20 Minute Fat Torching HIIT Workout ZERO EQUIPMENT

Hey, you guys! I have a 20 minute HIIT workout for you todo that is going to torture fat. Let's go! All right. This is how it's going to go down. You need your interval timer. You need to set it for 10 rounds, 1 minuteand 1 minute because every minute it's going to buzz and you're going to do 3 burpees.

No matter where you are in this workout. So, I have 7 exercises for you. We're going to complete the number of repsbefore moving onto the next one. If you're interrupted by the buzzer duringthose reps, you stop whatever it is you're doing and you're going to give me 3 burpees. That's with a pushup. So a burpee is hands down, jump back, pushup, jump forward, and jump up. We are absolutely putting that pushup in.

so the first exercise is going to be 25 jumpsquats. Simple. Lean back, jump up. Always back down into a squat. 25 reps. Number two: 25 double high knees. That's knee, knee, foot, foot. That's 1.

So it's one, two, and three. You're going to give me 25. If you're in the middle of those and you hearthe buzzer drop and give me three burpees. Get back up and keep going in those reps. Complete the reps. Number three is a plank push. You are giving me 10 reps on each side. So from the pushup position, you're goingto roll forward on your toes, touch your knee

to your wrist, and back. That's one. Two. Three. Then you're going to do skater jump lunges,and I want 20 reps. So every time you jump it's going to be onerep. so, you can start off on one side, in a lunge. You're going to do a lateral jump into a lunge.

That's one. Two. Three. Four. Give me 20. Next one, knee hugs; 25 reps. So, you are just sitting up like this. This is where I want you to end, then yougo all the way back.

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