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By | January 23, 2017

Blakely on Bars Whitneys Kitchen Gymnastics

Hi I'm Whitney. And my name's Blakely and welcome back to Kitchen Gymnastics Today on Kitchen Gymnastics we are going to be doing bars with my sister Blakely. Yay! so today we're going to work on pullovers like back hip circles front hip circles front mill circles and maybe a Kip and penny drops for fun and if youdon't know what any of those are you're going to see what we're what they areand we will explain

so let's get started started Introducing Blakely on the bars First we are going to do the pull over that was a pull over Now how to do the pull over. Get back down there. So basically what you do Is you put your chin to the bar And you always make sure that your legs are straight and your toes are pointed

and then you want to kick your feet over and stand up to front support There, you can hop down now Next we're going to do the back hip circle Ok. Do you want me to stand on this side or that sideé It's fine. That was a back hip circle I know how do do them by myself She just wants to. How to do the back hip circle

Ok Why are we doing it like thisé Ok Now what you want to do is you want to cast you want to cast to a nice shape And then you're gonna here you're going to leanback Look at your toes and then kick over like the pull over and this takeslots of practice

the higher you cast probably the easier itis you want to keep your hips on the bar ok next we're going to do thefront hip circle This is kind of hard And we're still working on this one So maybe youwant you to want to lean forward and So Basically what you want to do is you want to lean forward until you are like this but like that andthen when you are at the bottom you want to pike your hips and then go up to

front Circle it So, that's what is was. Okay That was a front hip circle Now we're going to do the mill circle so the beginning of the mill circle is at front support ok so you start in front supportand you want to kick over your leg

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