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By | February 20, 2017

Sniffing Out Bombs Americas most elite dogs

Logan: When the bombs went off at the boston marathon, highly trained dogs were rushed to the scene to search for more explosives. Boston police have said dogs swept the streets in the morning and a second time just an hour before the first marathoners crossed the finish line. It's considered likely that the bombers planted their devices well after the dogs finished sweeping the area. Since 911, dogs have been used more than ever because nothing has proven more

effective against hidden bombs than the nose of a working dog. The best of them serve with u.S. Special operations, and they're in a league of their own. It's nearly impossible to get anyone to talk about them publicly because much of what they do is classified, but we were able to talk to the people who train them for this story. We took the opportunity to ask about what might have happened in boston while getting a rare glimpse

inside the secretive world of america's most elite dogs. Green beret chris corbin and his dog, ax, are at 14,000 feet in the skies over north carolina. They're about to test a new harness that america's best soldiers will use to jump into combat. But it's not for corbin, it's for ax. As they freefall for nearly 10,000 feet at 125 miles an hour, ax is wrapped in corbin's arms. They've been to war together, nearly died together, and they

never like to be too far apart. Do you think he enjoyed ité Corbin: He just wants to do whatever I'm doing. He doesn't care what it is. Logan: You've said that these dogs feel like they're invincibleé Corbin: Absolutely. Logan: What makes you say thaté Corbin: We don't train them to fail. Logan: Sergeant firstclass corbin is a dog handler with 7th special forces group, and he and sixyear old ax have been a team for three years. They

deployed to helmand in southern afghanistan at a time when more americans were dying there than any other place in the country. Corbin and ax's job was to lead their unit through a battlefield littered with hidden bombs. Corbin: We walked in front. We cleared the pass for. For everyone to move through. Logan: You say it so easily quot;i walked out frontquot; like it's nothing, but what does that actually mean when you're the one walking out fronté Corbin:

You are the one risking. I hate to say the most, but, yeah, you're out front. I'm the one who makes it safe or announces it as safe for everyone else to walk behind. Logan: What's your level of trust in your dogé Corbin: It has to be this perfect trust. Logan: Perfect trust that begins with trainers like former navy seal mike ritland. He's one of just a handful of people in this country who finds and trains these

Red vs Blue Season 9 Episode 10

Hey, Wash, wait up! Listen, I heard you had a meeting with internals. Oh. You didé Yeah, do you mind if I ask what it was abouté Mm. Not really supposed to talk about that. Help me out here. I'm still getting heat about using equipment in the field. You did! Reallyé Without a pipeline back to the Command serveré I had to improvise. We had a problem.

Let me guess. Are you related to the problemé Okay, now I don't want to talk about. Equipment in the field. You know, don't forget what happened to Utah during training. You're lucky it didn't kill you. If I was lucky, I wouldn't have needed to use it at all. Well, you can relax. Internals didn't ask about. It was something else. Lots of questions about the Insurrection and transmissions coming out of our.uh Sorry, Sir!

Hey, what's going oné Soldier, where is everybody runningé New agent. He's squaring off against Maine, Wyoming and York on the training room floor. We're going to watch! Hey guys, wait up! Three on oneé I gotta see this. Yeah, right behind ya.

Three. Two. One. Round begin. What's going on down thereé There's no training sessions on the schedule. Its impromptu. Who the hell is thaté Some new recruit. Wow. He sure doesn't move like he's a recruit.

Why do you assume its a guyé She's a girl. Oh. II didn't really mean that he.I mean it.uhuh.I mean her.I. Right. Sorry. Just shut up. Both of you, can it! Sounds like someone might be a little concerned about their position. Hey, South! Pay attention. You might actually learn something if you stop running your mouth for a minute.

Round 1, over. Pugil sticks training, complete. Point awarded to Texas. The current score is Team 1 zero. Texas, huhé I thought that name was reserved. Nice moves. Could be luck. We'll see. Beginning hand to hand combat.

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