Exercises Like Jumping Rope

By | February 22, 2017

7 Jump Rope Variations

gt;gt;MARK: Hey! It's Mark Perry fromBuiltLean I'm in New York City right now,the east river is behind me and I want to show you one ofmy favorite cardio exercise methods which is just using a jump rope andthe beauty of the jump rope is, it costs like 10 bucks, you cando it anywhere and you can get a great work out. The one downside is that sometimes peopleget really bored from just jumping in place so I'm gonna give you seven different typesof techniques you can use to kinda spice it

up. and so I'm gonna start out with the basicdouble, uh, just one hop, it's just the standard jump rope in place,then you can actually go from one to the other from right to left. As you can seeI'm hoping from my right to my left. The next one, is you are gonna do just one one foot at a time. so I'mgonna do my right, and you can do 10 or 20, then you do left.

Then you can do side straddles. Front straddles. Then you can do running in place and finally you can do double hops. I'm doing two at a time. and so there're a lot of differentways you can spice it up with the jump rope, I think it's aright exercise and hopefully these different types of techniqueswill be helpful for you kinda

keep it fresh.

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