Basketball Rebound Jump

By | January 30, 2018

Basketball Rebounding Defense How to Jump When Playing Defense in Basketball

Okay, so we've talked about our position our feet position when we're rebounding and that we've got a nice wide stance, we'reboxing out, and when we're jumping we're jumping off of two feet and using two hands to gatherthat rebound. And keeping the ball above our head looking for the outlet pass. But whatabout if you're not down in the area immediate area of the basketball hoop. Let's sayyou're outside and you read that your teammate takes a shot you're able, at an angle whereyour teammate, you can see the trajectory of the ball, you're anticipating it, and yousee that the shot's going to be off, so you make a break for the basket. And we're goingto talk about onearmed So you make a break

for the ball, and we're going to show howto jump off of one leg for the rebound. Now, you've got to realize that when you're runningand breaking towards the basket, you've got to time it just right so that you don't takeyourself out of the play, you've got to anticipate where that ball's going to be. Most peopleare able to jump a little bit higher by running, gathering some momentum, and transferringthat velocity that they build up going forward and going down into the ground, bending yourknees, and jumping up with one leg. You're able to jump a little bit higher, so there'sthe benefit of that. So, when you're on the opposite side usually is when you're goingto be able to see the trajectory of the ball,

anticipate where it's going, and you're goingto be out on the outer wing somewhere where you're able to run in a little bit and hopefullysnag the ball because you're jumping a little bit higher than somebody else who might havehad good position on somebody, thought they were going to get the ball, but you come inwith your superior leaping ability and your timing and trajectory, and you're going tosnag that ball. So, let's see if we can give you a little shot.

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