Basketball Jump Shot Checklist


super fresh and my swag so official yo was so you already know who this isopen a kabar uncut how we doing people how are we doing yes welcome back welcome back all right soyou guys here for one reason and one reason only and that's to a lot how tounlock the custom jump shot alright and that's what I'm going toshow you guys here today but first let's go ahead and jump into so you can seewas actually really going on with this custom junction alright i'll tell youguys what I think about it and you know

what I took out of this hole custom jumpshot creator you feel mealright so we're gonna start off with your lower base alright so this ispretty much how your feet on the set so you know I'm gonna pick some randomstuff but kind of using common sense what I want to use career this bill tomy plane so you know i'm saying so we're gonna go ahead and select curry for thelower base go ahead and mix it out you up release one now I'm guessing that'sgoing to be like your form as far as going all the way up

you know I'm saying from your elbow yourrelease to be that last little bit you know change with the particular riskthat's going to that part so for upper release one Aldridge pretty uh you knowknown from 2k16 last year in apart so I'm going to leave it there before uprelease to going to change it going to put it on let's see who you know now i'mgoing to let it go put on call we are they look ok alright so I got my base atcurry only know that release won't forget already not real not right with Aldridge I don'ttrip and then we got

come over and I whoo alright so this badboy right here is the blending and release be your film alright so this is how you create yourspeed so if you want to slow shot bone right there that's a normal shot andthen you got your speech right now if you wanna watch the whole form you knowI'm saying it overhand slow it down a little bit or you don't want to get usedto being fast going to look at it fast alright whatever works for you but thislittle animation blend right here in a blend both of his shots together so asyou can see right now looks like Aldrin

if we create that bad boy up 200 onColby think that i'm colby you feel me a jump shot or two former release lookslike home now you know I'm saying you can get into eq settings you can findany such you want to put it together and find that perfect one for you like isaid i'm gonna have a lot of different tutorials coming on which the best shot I'm gonna hit the lab hard at the gymwhatever you guys want to call me too hard to find the best one bring to youguys you know I'm saying we have to make a name for myself game but yeah that'show you pretty much do it once you

finish it doing it triangle or whywhatever you want go ahead and say that thing your name itp no hay gonna be three characters ok huh LOL thats funny name threecharacters and then all you do is you bagged out i was going player inventoryand go to be a pro animations go to your shot right now your shot going to findthe name that you created so I got dripped in LOL right now that's how youactually use now how do you get it is you gotta simply grown my friend alrightso you gotta hit going to exit out of this you gotta hit hit the hardwoodheart you feel me but just grind out i

Kobe Bryant Fadeaway How to Basketball Moves

This episode of Shot Mechanics is broughtto you by Krossover Intelligence. SImply upload your game footage and have the Krossover professionalsbreak down the different plays in the game. They will even make you a highlight tape withthe clips you chose. So go check out Krossover. the revolutionary game breakdown system. HiI'm Coach Collin Castellaw with Shot Mechanics and Hoop DIaries and today we are goingto learn Kobe Bryant's signature fadeaway. Now Kobe Bryant has the best fadeaway of alltime. We are going to break down just a few of the key points that will help you hit thefadeaway just like Kobe. And if you want to show us a little love, give us a like, comment,or subscription. It helps the channel grow

and we could not be more thankful! Also takejust a second and subscribe to Hoop Diaries . Seriously I'll wait, just hit it right there.I'm producing a ton of great content for with them so you know it's going to be that awesomeShot Mechanics touch. I truly believe that Hoop Diaries is going to be the future ofbasketball training so if you have not subscribe to them because they have a new website launchingin a couple weeks. Alright now that we got a little business out of the way let's checkout the Kobe Bryant Fadeaway. Kobe Bryant Fadeaway is brought to you by Krossover .They have the Shot Mechanics stamp of approval. Now there are a bunch of different ways thatKobe gets into his fadeaway so we are going

to focus on everything after the footwork.So the move begins before he even jumps away from his defender. Check out how early KobeBryant locks his eyes on his target. He knows that the longer he aims the more accuratehis shot is going to be so he finds it really early. Next Kobe Bryant jumps away from thedefender he makes sure his shooting elbow, shoulder, and hip are all aligned with thebasket. This ensures that the ball will fly straight towards the basket. Even if he can'tinitially get his hip facing the basket he whips his leg around so that way it forceshis hips to rotate. And the last thing is you want to make sure you have a higher thennormal shot pocket. Check out how Kobe brings

the ball higher above his head then normalthat way he gets extra separation and can get his shot up quicker before the defendercan block it. So keep in mind there are 3 main keys you want to remeber when you aredoing the Kobe Fadeaway. Kdey 1 you want to lock your eyes on the trget as fast asyou possibly can. The longer time you have to aim at a target the more accurate the shotis going to be. Key 2 you want to make sure you have your shooting elbow, shoulder, andhip all in align with the basket. That will make sure the ball flies straight and youdon't miss left to right like a lot of people do on their fadeaways. And key 3 you wantto move your shot pocket up. Instead of shooting

from about your forehead like you normallywould now you want to bring it above the top of your head that way you get extra separationfrom the defender and it's virtually unblockable. So keep those 3 keys in mind and you are goingto be drilling the fadeaway like Kobe in no time. Again I'm Coach Collin Castellaw withShot Mechanics and Hoop Diaries I want to thank you for watching and you guysare awesome.

HOW TO CLOSE OUT ON DEFENSE Basketball Tutorial from Shot Science

Close out. to Shut Down! Hey Team Shot Science! Coach Tomhere and today I want to show you how to close out on defense.

When you're playing off of yourman in help defense and they receive the pass on a ball reversal, you need to be able toclose the gap between the two of you without letting them get the offensive advantage. The reason why this is such a delicatesituation for YOU is that you're trying quickly to get back into onball defensiveposition, while they've already received the ball and have the option to shoot or drive.

Which is tough enough to defend whenyou're NOT running out to challenge them. So the solution for hedging all offensiveattacks while getting back into position for onball coverage is to use what's calleda quot;Close Out.quot; And here's how you use it. From your offball positioning, you'llsee the pass headed to your man before he catches it.

You should begin closing the spacebetween the two of you as soon as you see the ball in the air and you should use thisformula: Two thirds RunUp, one third Breakdown. The Run Up is where you're goingto make up two thirds of the distance by exploding

fullspeed towards your man. You're goingto stay low and sprint. The Breakdown is the last third ofthe distance where you're going to do several things simultaneously to slow your momentum,stay on balance, and challenge the ball handler. First thing is your last few stepsare going to be short and choppy, which will slow you down AND give you the ability tocounter if your man takes off on the dribble.

If your shoes are squeaking, you'reprobably doing it correctly. At the same time, you want to swingboth of your arms up over your head, while still staying low and balanced. This'll shift your center of gravityand help slow you down, while also cutting off the zip pass over your head into the postand challenge the shot.

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