What Is A Good Vertical Jump For A 13 Year Old

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How did you develop your awesome verticalleapé Okee Doke. Alright.Well, when I was little, I would run and I would try to jump and touch anything I could.My mom would always say, quot;Boy!, You better keep your hands off my walls!quot; because I wouldhave hand prints all around the house. Alright. And it would be dirty hand prints on top ofthat so she'd be mad because her wall was dirty. But I would just run and if it wasa monkey bar, if it was a tree with a leaf hanging, anything that I like I would tryto touch I would run and try to do it. And after a while, it gets the muscles tight.Alright. The calf muscles get tight. The tendons

and ankles get tight. Everything in theregets a little bit tighter, so every time you go and jump you can fire off a little bitharder. But of course, as you get older, you're going to get stronger, you're going to developmuscles and stuff like that so it makes it better. But for the most part just keep tryingto do it. Alright. Practice makes perfect, like they say, righté. You're not going tolearn how to dunk unless you go up there and try it over and over and over again. Samedeal with jumping, same thing with shooting, you gotta keep trying. Alrighté That's mysecret, Don't give it to everybody! It's a good one.Can we see ité

That was awesome.And now I'm actually ready to put on a show, you know, now that everybody's gone.

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