Vertical Weight Training

By | February 20, 2017

Weight Lifting Exercises for Beginners The Vertical Chest Press Weight Lifting Exercise

I am Kirt Watt on behalf of expertvillage .In this clip we will be talking about the vertical chest press. It is the beginner'sworkout exercise but it will still give you quite the exercise, quite the pump in thechest. Couple of things that are important: make sure the seat height is to your heightthat fits you perfectly, usually judge that by the bar height, right here along the midlineof your chest. If you are too low you can exercise the shoulder, if you are too highyou are not really going to get anything out of deal, so make sure that the seat is fittingyou perfectly for this exercise. Adjust your weight, do not get to go too heavy, pleasedo not go too heavy it hurts yourself, okay.

The next thing is if it has the assistantfor the push up use it, push into play just like that, very simple. Once you are readyto go, take your feet up, set them on the floor nice and comfortable, arch your backand elevate your chest. Take your time, return and press, return and press, inhale on thedown, exhale on the up, it is that simple. Try to rep out at least 1015 reps dependingon what your training is but 1015 wraps is always a solid way to train. Anything moreit gets a little bit too much endurance, anything less does not really do anything for you.So it's that simple. When you are done, again use the foot press to get out, assist yourselfso you do not harm your shoulders, let it

back nice and slow and there it is, you aredone, the vertical chest press.

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