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By | December 13, 2016

Exmark Pioneer Family Features

From Exmark, the leading manufacturer of commercialgrademowers, comes a new workhorse to the lineupthe Pioneer. It's a valuepriced machine thatbacks the precision, durability, comfort, and traction that is characteristic of Exmarkmowers. Let's take a look at all of the Pioneer's impressive features. Like all Exmark mowers,the Pioneer is equipped with the industryleading platform that ensures a quality cut with eachpass. The front pneumatic caster wheels are positioned to optimize the cutting process,leaving no marks and no stragglers behind. The machine's deck lift system provides easyadjustments of the deck to accommodate desired cut height, and offers an automatic transportlock to conveniently hold the deck up during

trailering. With the deck and surroundingparts working together like a welloiled machine, it's no wonder the Pioneer delivers an unbeatablecut from job to job. Comfort is a product of detailed craftsmanship on the Pioneer,from the bolstered seat and coilspring seating system, to the ergonomic handlebars and singlefill gas tank. So you can ride the Pioneer for hours on end without feeling like youdid. The mower's bolstered cushion seat provides maximum comfort for long days out in the field,while the coilspring suspension system reduces vibrations, bumps, and jarring. The systemcomes standard with three coils and can support up to five, depending on your comfort preference.The cushioned operator controls help lessen

vibrations and hand fatigue. The large 7gallonsingle point tank reduces your fill time at the pump, so you can fill and go in an efficientmanner. Everything about this machine makes the long days of mowing seem less so. Uneventerrain is no match for this impressive zeroturn. The Pioneer's superior traction and handlingis enhanced by the machine's low center of gravity and precisely placed parts. A smootherride starts with a unibody tubular steel frame that is designed for optimum placement ofthe machine's heaviest components. The hydro drive system is placed low in the frame forimproved center of gravity, response, and handling. The vertical shaft engine sits lowin the frame, enhancing the machine's stability.

The unique shape of the rops bar pulls doubleduty as a safety feature and balance enhancer. It's positioned to optimize the mower's weightand profile. Also being rear facing, the rops tends to shed branches instead of pullingthem down onto the operator. With the different parts in prime location, the Pioneer providesgreater maneuverability around all kinds of landscapes. Built to withstand just aboutany kind of mowing condition, the Pioneer isn't just durable, it's designed to be lowmaintenance as well. The greaseless spindles are made to withstand impacts and eliminatethe need for yearly greasing. As for overall grease points, the Pioneer SSeries has 2,while the ESeries has 3. The strong unibody

frame is constructed out of 2x2 tubular steel.The highly visible diagnostics controls take the guesswork out of easily fixable issues,by detecting the problem and determining where it is. The heavyduty canister air filtrationsystem on the SSeries improves engine life, and boosts overall productivity. Its shapeand position also play a role in simplifying maintenance. With front and back tiedownpoints, you can safely and securely transport your Pioneer from job to job. On the Pioneer,every detail counts, and the machine's heavy duty rear guard proves that durability andstyling can go hand in hand. Whether you're a landscape pro just starting out, or a seasonedpro who is looking to add to your fleet, the

powerful, professionalgrade Pioneer deliverson the high standards and high quality you've come to expect from Exmark.

Best Sex Positions for Explosive Orgasm R18

How to guarantee an orgasm with ordinary sex positions We often think about fancy sexual positions to spice up our sex life but most of them are hard to practice. Unless you are a gymnastic athlete or ballet dancer, 100 sexual positions will simply remain theoretic. What works practically for you is probably your usual sexual positions. If you're already bored with your routine sex, here's the good news:

You only need a tiny bit of change to guarantee orgasm and satisfaction. The first position is our most commonly practiced missionary position. The biggest mistake that most guys make is to thrust straight in and out, thinking if he lasts long enough, she will eventually get there. Wrong! To get an orgasm you need to grind her in a way that rubs her Gspot

and clitoris. You can put a pillow under her hips to change the penetration angle, so that you can hit the Gspot more effectively. The second position is the reverse missionary where the woman is on top. Grind horizontally, not vertically. By doing so, you will allow his penis hit the frontal wall of the vagina, which is the Gspot. His pubic area will rub the clitoris simultaneously, giving you a double pleasure.

The third position is the rearentry position. When entering from the back, the angle is the key. Enter in an angle so that the tip of the penis hits the Gspot. Your hands are free to touch her multiple sensual zones, yet she doesn't know what you will do next. The anticipation creates more excitement. The fourth position is the sitting position. Make sure that only one person moves.

Don't jump up and down. Instead, move back and forth. You will save your energy as well as feeling great. When you have mastered the position to stimulate her clitoris and Gspot, it's important to master right rhythm as well. You can simply ask her what intensity and speed feel good. If you're experienced enough, you can gauge the right rhythm by feeling her contraction inside.

Last but not least, don't forget to kiss her. Kissing will not only stimulate her erogenous zone on her neck, breasts and arms, but also an erotic way to express your love to each other. Feel free to subscribe for more information.

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