Vertical Jump For Football

By | December 15, 2016

Get Skilled Get Active Vertical Jump tutorial

The vertical jump is used in many sportssuch as netball, basketball volleyball and gymnastics. Watch Troy he's proficient at thevertical jump. Look at his preparation he goes into a deep crouch with hisknees bent and his arms behind his body. His eyes are focused forward throughoutthe jump The arms swing forcefully forward and upward and remain straight. Troy's legsstraighten when he's in the air

and his body is fully extended. He landson the balls of both feet simultaneously and bends his knees to absorb thelanding. Troys landing is balanced and controlled. Now look at Aaron. He leans too farforward during the crouch and does not swing his arms back. Aaron's landing is flatfooted and he needs more than one step tocontrol it. Rachel is still developing her verticaljump. She needs to swing her arms

forcefully forward and upward and straighten herlegs in the air. She could be more controlled in herlanding by bending his knees to absorb the force and by landing on the balls of her feet. Let's watch Troy one more time.

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