Olympic Lifters Have Highest Vertical Jump

By | September 27, 2018

Bridge JumpLanding for Females NSCA

Hey Nick Clayton here at the NSCA Performance Center in ColoradoSprings. We've got a great article on jump landing programs in our strength andconditioning journal. So we know landing mechanics are important. If you want to know why check the article out. What we're gonna do today is show you what mechanics look like and a greatprogression for teaching. Let's check out some bad landing mechanics courtesy ofAubrey Watts here in our performance center. Go ahead and take a step off and stick that landing for me Aubrey. OK, what you want to be looking at is feet is the weight balanced, is she on her toesé

You also want to look at knees are they collapsing iné And then we also want to look at her posture is she relaxed, neutral, and gazing forwardé As you can see in this demonstration Aubrey's not doing that great. So let's show you what good landing posture looks like. Good. Similarly we're going to look at the feet, the knees, and the posture and also the weight balance. She's pretty athletic in the stance right now. If I come over and try and push, she's not going anywhere. That's what we want to see. If you've got an athlete that struggling to get that goodlanding, we want to show you a quick progression that can teach propermechanics. So Aubrey go ahead and do a

twolegged drop and stick for me. Perfect. As you can see, again weightbalance is nice and neutral so she's landed that well. Now we're going to do the split lunge. Go ahead and do a split lunge for me. Perfect. The same thing she's nice and balanced, knees are lined up, posture is good. Since she's doing good, we're going to try the final one a single leg landing. Go ahead and do that for me, Aubrey. Perfect, thank you.You can relax. As you can see, Aubrey's pretty good on the singleleg. She's a little shakybut that's a safe range. We're gonna work on that and get her better. We just sawgood, bad, and a good progression that you can

use with your athletes. If you're looking for more information check out the article quot;Jump Landing Program for Femalesquot; in the NSCA Strength and Conditioning Journal. That's all for now, thanks for watching.

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