Jumping Stilts Workout

How to Walk on Stilts The History of Stilt Walking

On behalf of Expert Village, I'd like to talkabout stilt walking. My name is Paul Anderson from the ABC circus and here we are. Wheredid the stilts come fromé Well, 3,000 years ago the Persians invented the stilts. Topsecret military. That's right. Top secret. Imagine you've never seen stilts before andpeople come. Giants. You imagine them to be giants. 8, 10 feet tall marching against yourcity. Of course, it made climbing the wall much easier if you were already at the heightof the wall. Stilts, what we use for entertainment, were actually top secret military a long timeago. We're giving away military secrets here. Now, of course, they're just used for thecircus and for construction. They still have

their value, and I'll even tell you how touse them. You ready to try your stilts oné.

DIY Palazzo Pants in 20 min DIY Clothes

for this tutorial you'll need 1 yard of stretch fabric fold your fabric double and lay it on the floor I used a pair of pajama pants to cut the shape and then I turn it to the other side and cut the fabric again cut at about 12 inch or 1.5 cm at the front as the front and back of the pants differ now pin the fabric and sew it on both sides I start pinning my fabric at the crouch first and

then down the legs then sew on both sides fold the excess fabric at the top fold it double and then cut it as this will be our waistband I wanted mine to be smaller so I cut it in half as well fold your elastic band double and cut it slightly shorter than your waistband

sew both ends together now turn your waistband to the good side and then you can start tucking in the elastic band inside turn it around and pin it down at the top of your pants and now sew along these lines since the waistband is smaller than the top of my pants and I want it to fit I stretch it on both sides so the pieces fit perfectly and this is the result

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