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Speaker 1: Today we've got a bit of a jumpchallenge. I'm going to show you a little bit of a workout here. It's going to add alittle bit of an endurance portion of it as well as vertical leap. Grab you a nice boxthat's a little challenging for yourself, get your bands on and then lay out a benchor anything that you're going to jump over, it's going to be a barrier. So make it a littlebit challenging, but make sure that you can get over and back. Let me show you real quickand then we'll run through a set. So I got my box height here, make sure you got yourbands on. Let me just tell you when you're wearing the bands and you're working on yourvertical leap you want to make sure that you

control your knees. Don't let them controlyou. A lot of benefits, we've talked about this in hundreds of other tutorials I've postedfor you, but you got to make sure that when you're wearing the bands when you land workagainst the resistance and you're going to build your hips so quick, but if you let themcontrol you or you're not strong enough to do these types of things without the bandson, you probably want to start doing these types of exercises without the bands first.So let's jump into it here. Get your box height a little bit challenging. We're going to goless reps, but I'm going to show you both exercises. Get a good arm sweep on top ofthe box. Soft landings, you either hop back

or just step off, whatever you feel comfortablewith. The most important thing is you get up, get down, get up, get down. It's not afast pace, we're going for height. Nice soft landings. The second part of the exercisewould be speed, but under control. We're going to go over, all about getting your knees up.Let's jump into the workout. We're going to go 8 max jump heights and gofor a 15 second burst right after that for speed. Let's go and get started. 8 reps righthere. That's one, two, three. Make sure that you're landing neutral like that. Don't letyour feet come together, stay under control. I think I got two more. The last one. good. Now we got about 15 secondburst here for speed. Try to get up, get around,

get back over. ReadyƩ Good. Make sure youget your knees up on those. If you start getting dizzy, I got a little bit dizzy there at theend, take your time, maybe don't spin around so fast. Catch your breath, that's a littlebit of endurance. Run through that, three or four sets and push yourself hard.

Aerobics Weight Loss Jump Rope Cardio Exercise Workout Tutoriallose weight and get in shape

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Jump Rope Workout

Hey guys. Axe here. I'm gonna show youhow to burn fat fast using a jump rope. This is one of my favorite athome Burst Trainingexercises. We're gonna start off jumproping, move intopushups, and then go into bicycles. Jumproping is great for your body, because you're workingyour legs and your shoulders at the same time. Really getting your heart rate up to helpyou start burning fat. Pushups: a great overall body exercise, reallyworking your chest and shoulders. And then we're gonna get down, start doing bicycles.Really working on getting that sixpack ab, that flat belly, by working your core as well.

And so this is a great Burst Training workout.We're gonna do 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off. We're gonna get started her jumproping. Andyou can do this anywhere from 3 to 20 minutes. Most people though, about.10minute workout. Ready, set, go. We're gonna get start offhere with jumproping, just up and down on two feet. You can then if you want go fromone foot to another, like so. You can also just run in place, you can alsocross it up like this.get your full body into it. At first you don't feel it, but you will.All right, we're gonna take a 10second break,

and we're gonna go into pushups. And most of the time with pushups, you'regonna want your arms kinda shoulder width apart. We're gonna pump 'em out here for 20seconds. Here we go. Really also working those triceps.shoulders. Here we go. Come on. I hope you're doing itwith me. Give it all you got. Here we go, three, two, and one. All right, 10 more seconds. Catch your breath.This is a great, Tabata. Remember: with Tabata, you will burn ninetimes more body fat than traditional cardio.

Let's get down. Go into bicycles. Here weare working that core and working those legs. Great exercise here. You don't want to curlup too much when you're doing that. You want to keep your head flat like so, and give itall you got.three, two, and one. Get up and rest. I'm gonna do one more roundwith you here.and then.you're on your own for the rest. Grab your jump rope and let's get started.Here we go. Up and down with two feet. You can try andget some doubles here, like so. You can run in place. Great exercise to do outside aswell in the nice, warm sun, while you're soaking

up some Vitamin D. Get in your raise.remember in Burst Training,90 to 100 percent of your maximum heart rate. Give me all you got. Let's go. Two and onehere, another set of pushups, like so. Here we go. You're also working those triceps,straight up and down. Then if it gets hard, hey.you can do it there on your knees.ifit gets hard.three seconds, two, and one. All right. One more exercise. Catch your breathin this last one. We're gonna get down, do bicycles one more time. Working on that sixpack. Here we go. Back and forth. Starting to feel it, startingto get a little out of breath here, going

hard. Remember as hard as you can.20 seconds,easy, 20 seconds. Here we go. And three.two.and one. Whoo! All right. That's Burst Training with.andjump rope. Again, great exercise to do whether you're traveling, when you're on the road,at home. Those three exercises can get your reps. Hey guys, this has been Axe with someathome Burst Training.

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