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By | December 13, 2016

Aerobics Weight Loss Jump Rope Cardio Exercise Workout Tutoriallose weight and get in shape

weight loss cardio workout. get into shape jumprope and lose weight with this cardio calorie burning exercise and fitness workout.

Fitness Training Basics Benefits of Jumping Rope

Hi, my name is Michael Quebec and today'ssubject is the benefits of jumping rope. Well first off, we should learn actually how tojump rope. I want to make sure that I'm light on my toes, and I want to make sure that myheels are off the floor, getting the rope as close to the floor and my feet as possible.And I'm going to use just my wrists. Remember my breathing is nice and slow, in throughthe nose, out through the mouth. So you'll notice I'm just using my wrists usually abouttwo minutes of this. And then for thirty seconds I go full blasts. And then you slow it down.Usually about a good warm up is three minute rounds, two minutes of for, for the easy goingand then thirty minutes to, I'm sorry thirty

seconds to one minute of actual fast rope.So that way you combine both endurance with sprinting actions. You'll notice it's verysimilar to running, only you have the convenience of not having to go outside and having todeal with heavy concrete, I mean hard concrete on your joints and on your feet which couldeventually lead to damage. You don't have to worry about pollens, smog, or rain, soyou can get your cardiovascular work in. You are working your muscles in your calves, inyour quadriceps, hamstrings tibealus and you are also working your endurance. You get amuch lighter and working rope helps with explosive short burst movements if you are an athlete.So those are the benefits of jumping rope.

One last thing, jumping rope is a great cardiovascularexercise for burning calories if you are trying to lose weight. For a person who is a hundredand fifty pounds, it's ten point five calories a minute or six hundred thirty calories anhour. You really get a good workout when you are doing rope. Thank you.

Jump Rope Workout10 Minute Cardio Routine Tony Horton Fitness

Hello boys and girls and moms anddads and sisters and brothers it's your pal Tony Horton here onYouTube it's Tony Horton Fitness. Today we got a workout called Jump Pump. We are gonna jump some rope. We are gonna do it forten minutes straight. For some of you, hey it's gonnabe an awesome warmup. For others, it's gonna be a pumpy,very difficult, full on workout. We are gonna do five moves.

First five minutes. Then we are gonna repeat em.So here come my ten minutes. Two, three, four, five, six, seven,eight, nine, ten. Locked in. Here we go. Boom. I am gonna hook it up righthere so I can see it. Every precious second. Here is my rope of choice. Pick one that works for you.

First move is gonna be kicks. One minute. Ten and toy. Here we go three, two, one. On the clock. Like a walk in the park.Just kicking along. Only one foot on thefloor at a time. We are gonna be here for full minute.

Stay nice and relaxedin your shoulders. If you don't have a rope,you can fake it. But trust me man. This is something youwanna learn how to do. So breath relax. Make sure yourhands are in the right place. Kicking. Here is our first minute.30 seconds in. Nice and hard.

In those toes. I got simple single here. Merry had a little lamb.Her fleece was white as snow. Oh say can you…. So, six more seconds here. Three two here are singles. I like this becauseheart rate is cranking. It's a burn in my shoulders.

I missed. My first miss. Ok, let's all count first one. Back in the game. If you miss two so whaté Real world stuff. You get back in. So, as you can see I onmy balls of my feet. Heels never hit the ground.

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