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By | December 11, 2016

The Unexpected John Cena Prank Hidden Camera

Both Ladies and gentlemen. John Cena! (quot;Theme music playsquot;) What is going oné Howdy everybody, WWEsuperstar John Cena here, and I have invaded the internet on a sometimes annoying meme. John Cena!

(quot;Theme music playsquot;) Thanks to Cricket Wireless, today we get to make that meme real. Come on in, how are you guys doingé We invited a bunch of JohnCena superfans to an audition. They have no idea what's about to happen. We're looking for some ambassadors for the John Cena storeon Cricket Wireless.

So I want you to standon this X right here. What do you love about John Cenaé Role model, I like what he stands for. He's got swag. He's quite intelligent for a young man. Of course he supports the military. He just seems like a genuine guy. I just wanna go and talk to him.

She is gonna go insane. He looks like a kid'scartoon, but he's real. Whaté He's won manychampionships, more than 40. What would happenif you ever met John Cenaé I would probably hyperventilate and then pass out. Dial nine one and just wait.

Are you readyto do your introductioné Mmhm. Ladies and gentlemen, John Cena! John Cena, whoo! John Cena! Mary had a little lamb, his name was John Cena! (crew laughing)

(crew clapping) Alright Brandon, you're up. So Brandon, you're a fané Yes, I love John Cena. I like every single time he wrestles any singleperson that's in the WWE. He is amazing. Anything that I could do tomeet John Cena, I would do.

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