Jumping Exercise Mat

By | February 25, 2017

Jump Rope Exercises for Boxing Jumping Rope on a Mat

The next area we want to look at is, we'regoing to call the jump rope mat. Ideally, through the actual design of jump roping,you're putting a lot of torque on those lower muscles in your legs but also the bones inyour feet and stuff. So you want to be jump roping on a good surface. In the mat here,the mat in the ring is a really ideal place to jump rope and we'll see a lot of boxerscome in here and jump rope. They'll each pick a corner and they'll actually do their jumproping, if the gym is slow on that particular day. A lot of the boxers will not jump anywhereelse except for the ring. But if you can't jump rope in the ring, what you should haveis what they call a jump rope mat and this

is about a three foot square shock absorbingthing that you can actually lay out and put on the floor. Sometimes a good carpeted room,even wood is less forgiving than concrete, but try not to jump rope on strictly concretefloors in your gym. Make sure you can either get into the ring and jump rope or actuallyhave a jump rope mat. Save your feet.

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