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By | January 20, 2017

Best College Basketball Chants of AllTime

withheld by a small season in full swingand be conference schedule upcoming i thought it was only fitting that we dothe best college basketball chance in the country so we start with numbersix and maryland's himself and now uneasily from the rock and roll part twoby the great gary glitter i saw some greatmaryland tear pins teams with the final fours in two thousand one and twothousand two wondered since the blade

lonny baxter u_c_l_a_'s frisbee chair and the fact that var go along while the candidates that shedoes the ball culture so start in the nineteen seventies postjohn wooden their in lawrence frisbee davis would campout prior to allthe games and he withdraw the frisbee around any notice that our role cultureit was being done at the u_c_l_a_ water

polo games so we decided to do is ownchampions carryon synonymous breed is by far one of the best of all time veryprocedure's chance to kansas university university kansasmy god i'm so sorry chocolate on on didn't do experience it firsthand as well aslong and one field house is the trend has been going on for decades upondecades upon decades big ups to the on tonight university it is

you to page for allowing us to show thatgreat piece tutorial so now we got a number three all heil universities winning teamlosing team shivani maloom immigrants for all our universityat the barn cats are so incredibly passion and i have to love that no oneout by while utah state university's winningteam losing team chan simply because in my opinion i give it to them becausethey have more students at the game and their home court atmosphere is uh. in comparative

too many other places god you know lally and passionate fans andfellow who create their home court atmosphere under coats to moral views the nation'snineteen ninetyeight in the fourth national interests in the devil behinddude kansas indians are gone that's saying something great home courtcollege decibel atmosphere this is what

college basketball's all pob this iswhat it's all about when it when it's their client believedchan wild bill dressing up is the mermaid intrying to distract luther shooters it's it's fantastic soda number one it's byfar her one of the best college best while traditions of all time tayloruniversities silent night game this is a division to school when they swore theirtent point the card is silent before that did one being that i can send aside fromthe final four

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