Jump Rewards Program

Get Ready to Love the New Starbucks Rewards

Join Starbucks Rewards and no matter how oftenyou visit or what you buy, you'll get rewarded. Just come in andorder what you love. Download the app, join,and you're on your way to earning two stars forevery dollar you spend. Automatically order andpay ahead with your phone. So you can jump the linewhen you're short on time.

You'll also get a free drinkon your birthday. .and free refills. And the best part, once youcollect enough stars, you'll hit Gold Status. Which unlocks free food,drinks and Double Star Days. Double YEAH. Get even more of what you lovewhen you join Starbucks Rewards.

Starbucks Rewards Made Even Better With the App

Narrator: Emma here is on her way to an important. Hang on. Hold up. She's got a better idea. Emma: quot;Starbucksquot;. Narrator: quot;Starbucksquot; Made exactly how she wants it. Ordered and paid for ahead of time, so she doesn't have to wait in line.

And she does it all from the Starbucks app. The best way to unlock all the benefits of being a Starbucks Rewardsâ„¢ Member. Take Harvey for example. He gets a croissant with his coffee every single day. And that keeps the rewards coming in. He tracks his stars right from the app. Nice. He's got enough stars for a free drink.

Harvey: quot;Oooh!quot; Narrator: Meanwhile Krista is about to finish chapter 17 of her novel. The big twist. But she could use a little more fuel to help her power through it. She paid for her order with the app. And as a Starbucks Rewardsâ„¢ Member, she gets a refill of her iced tea on the house. This is Max. His app just gave him some good news.

He's eligible for a free drink. Whyé Because it's his birthday. Happy Birthday, friend. And here's Emma. She doesn't have to wait around. She goes straight to the counter. And her latte is just.

.ready. Jamie: quot;Hey Emma. Here's your grande two pump vanilla latte.quot; Emma: quot;Whaaaaaté!quot; Narrator: See Starbucks Rewardsâ„¢ takes everything you already love about Starbucks. .and makes it even better. ♪♪♪.

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