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How to kitesurf Darkslide

Hi Alex from kitesurfco few tips on how to do darkslides. Looks difficult but is actually quite easy so you can seem better than you really are start by applying little pressure on yourback hand very much like doing a jump but slower kite movement as a bit of lift kicks in from the kite

you throw your body forward and let your board trail behind you eventually you'll run out ofsteam. Then pull hard on you back hand to do a kite loop the power of the kite loop will pull you into the air so you can land and ride away. another clip for the lesson showing a view from further away

a good way to learn dark slides is to try sending your kite back a litte and just fall forward off your board without completing a kite loop this looks a bit silly BUT will help give you the confidence to get into dark slides have fun trying these guys remember powerkitescan be extremely dangerous you can have wipe out like this

doing dark slides feel free to have a look at the website kitesurfco or channel for kitesurfing tutorials, tips, how to, guides, lessons and courses.

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