Jump Higher Dvd

By | September 17, 2018

Cheer Jump Training How to Jump Higher Cheer Kinetic Bands Part 3

Speaker 1: If you're a cheerleader lookingto improve your stunts, your jump height and overall performance then Jump 30 is goingto get the job done for you. I designed Jump 30 to give you results fast. Two to threetimes a week for only 30 minutes is going to give you all the results you're lookingfor. You're going to move through stunt training with the KBands.You're going to move through flexibility with our stunt straps, not to mention some morejump training for your hip flexors and your gluts to give you results fast. Cheerleaderslooking to improve their jump height, flexibility and overall performance, Jump 30 is goingto get the job done for you, grab your Jump

30 training program today and let's startincreasing your jump height now.

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