How To Jump Higher Temple Run 2

Annoying Orange Lets Play Temple Run 2

Heyhey, everybody!sighs I was thinking aboutnot making a tutorial today. Then I remembered,when it comes to playing games, I'm always game!laughs All right, let's play. quot;Temple Run 2.Take the idol if you dare.quot; Hmm. I don't know.That's one uglylooking idol. Do I dareé Do I dareé

Yeah, I dare. Aah! Giant demon monster! Get away!It wants to touch my butt. Let's get outta here!Ooh, a rope. Oh! Oh, I thought I thought touching thosediamonds was gonna hurt me, but it didn't.sighs in relief Whoa! Jumping wow.That was crazy.

I guess jumping over holes is probably the wayto go in this game, huhé Yeah, all right.Jump the bridge gap! Whoo! All right. Oh, I'm coming in Ooh, look at that dive.All right. Yeah. I think thepoint of this game is to keep thegiant demon monster from touching your butt, rightéRighté

Let me know inthe comments below. What's the point of this gameé Is that the pointéI think it is. All right. singsong:Jumpin' over rainbows. Now I'm on a luge. Slidin' on my back,gonna win a gold medal. Makes me think back tothe movie Cool Runnings. Ah! I guess those guyswere on a bobsled,

but it's still similar, rightélaughs I guess it's supposedto be river and not ice. Hopefully there will bean ice section coming up. I think that'd be pretty quot;cool.quot;laughs quot;Cool Runnings.quot;laughs Cool. Whoohoo! This is like the bestSlip 'n Slide in the world! I love it.I can do this forever.

humming ♪ Slidin' on my butt,slidin' on my butt ♪ ♪ Slidin' on my butt ♪ Hey, why does everything haveto do with my butt in this gameé laughs loudly ♪ Slidin' on my butt,slidin' on my butt ♪ ♪ Let's slide on my butt,let's go ♪ ♪ Yeeaahh, sing it, all right ♪

Temple run 2 any version hack for coins and gems

Hello, guys I am charly gulati and today i will be showing you, how to temple run 2 hack latest version or any version, many coins and gems and better stats well, they may not be better but they are good stats if you are a new player now i will be showing you the amount of coins and gems you'll be getting this is the amount of coins and gems and they are the stats now, i'll be showing you, how to get them

first of all, you need to go to android , data, com.imangi.templerun2 files, and delete this file if you are an old player after you have done that then copy this .txt after you have downloaded it, if you are a new player then just install the game and follow the same steps from the link in the description you'll have to paste it back

oh, sorry, first i'll show you the proof after deleting your old file , you'll be not able to get your old game back so, if you want your old game , don't forget to save your old gamedata.txt see now I have 0 coins and gems now i'll show you the hack delete again the gamedata.txt in android , data, com.imangi.templerun2, data and paste the file from the link in description {31.93KB} you'll have to reset your game

open the game and this hack will surely work on any version of temple run 2 yes, 2 okay, don't forget to like the tutorial and subcribe to my channel and if you want to be updated withlatest version hacks of many games and many apps and all that just go to my blog, the links for blog and gamedata are in the description thank you very much for watching

Annoying Orange Annoying Orange vs FRED

Mnm.mnm. I taste delicious. laughs Would you knock it off, dudeéThat's disgusting. poof!Aha! Whoa! Jolly Green Giant, you're back! That's right, you annoying pile of pulp. I'm back. and I'm angry! Whyé 'Cause you have ashort temperé laughs

Listen up, you earless wonder. You're the most annoyingthing I've ever met and I'm here to teach you a lesson. Ooh, is it a skiing lessoné No, it's not that kind of lesson. SkydivingéSkyé No. How 'bout jugglingéNo! growls This is the type of lesson

where I show you whatit's like to be annoying. Uh, yeah, good luck with that. Oh my, what's this in me pocketé Ooh, is it a pinwheeléNo. A whistling pinwheeléNo, it's not a pinwheel! muttering:Where is ité Pot of goldéNo! Oh.Aha!

Now Orange, with a powdery blast, you'd better getready to meet your match. blows Ooh, sparkly. laughs Ooh! Whoa! Where am Ié (announcer)And welcome back to the main event. Let's go inside for the introductions. Ladies and gentlemen,

welcome to Pester Fest 2010! Today's fight is a oneroundnoholdsbarred fight to the finish between the two mostannoying entities in the world! Yay! Go Pear!Dude, he's not talking about me. When the fight is over,only one can stand as the most annoying in the wooorld! laughscrowd cheering In the orange corner,hailing from the kitchen,

weighing in at seven ounces, the Caesar of Citrus,the Prince of Puns, the Annoying Orange! Thanks for the hand.I don't have any. laughs And in the blue corner,hailing all the way from Nebraska, weighing in at 120 pounds, the Sultan of Shrieking,the Overlord of Obnoxious,

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