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By | December 13, 2016

88mph 11 English Subtitles Donkey Kong Country en 2424

Hello and welcome in this brand new episode of 88 MPH, the TASdedicated show. I'm getting a bit bored with this opening, still we need to tell the name of our show. Today, Donkey Kong Country, a SNES game released in 94, and we're starting the speedrun right now, we'll comment during it. It's a run made by Arnethegreat in 24'23, submitted in the 7th of July 2006. Let's do this. It's a game edited by Rare, which became a part of Nintendo, they weren't very popular before, but this game was the revelation for most players. They also made games for the N64, like Banjoe Kazooie, or Donkey Kong Country 64. A cult platformer, the third mostsold game on the SNES. There we are, the Kongo Jungle. As you can see, it was a game which had outstanding graphics on the SNES. Most sprites are in precalculated 3D, which were made on huge Silicon Graphics stations.

Sprites were then modified to be drawn by the SNES. There he chooses Diddy, as he's faster. This is a warp zone, by pressing Y and B several times at a specific point, which takes you to the third world. We won't see the Apes mines. This is a game you played a lot, righté Indeed, I even played it as a classic speedrun, but it was a long time ago, in 94 or 95. It's a game which had a worldwide release, on the 25th of November 94 in the USA, 26th of November in Japan. Japanese weren't the firstserved, but as Rare is a british company, they decided to release it in Europe first, then the USA, then in Japan. This is Enguarde the Swordfish, when you're in the water it's essential to have it as he's way faster and has a dash attack. It allows you to kill enemies. See how he avoids the DK barrel, that's how the life system worked, each time you get hit your character leaves, but you can get it back from a barrel. He avoids them in order to reduce lag on screen, therefore saving some frames. We're already at a boss, but it's the third world boss.

It's the wasp queen. When she's red, she's invincible. She should stay that more often. Well, it's not pratical, but you need to be able to kill them. He plays with her, he takes inconsiderate risks, these are examples of what you can do in a TAS. To sum up what a Toolassisted speedrun is, it's played on emulator, not on real hardware. And they use tools they developed, to slow up the game or make sure a key is pressed at the wanted frame. Show the health points of bosses, and start again an infinite time, which is the most used feature. Now we're in the fourth world, the ice world. A bit slippery, DKC is a bit traditional for a platformer, but it got really known for its graphics. Small trivia about this game: when it was shown in 93 in a tutorial game convention, people thought it was a nextgen game. For the Ultra 64. Which was supposed to be the next Nintendo system on that time, but it wasn't, it was for the SNES and people were really impressed by the quality of what the SNES could show.

The huge extra time saved on this run comes from a better timing on platforms, barrels, bees, etc. A huge work made to save a lot of time. There are also warp zones as we have seen before, as this is the fourth world in the game. But sometimes there are barrels which take you to the end of the stage. Hopping on the enemy to get to the rope, and also a very efficient technique to climb the rope. And there is a barrel which saves a lot of time! We lose some time by getting hit, but we gain so much by taking this path. He doesn't stay a lot of time on the ropes. In fact he plays with Diddy as he's faster and jumps a little higher, but he can't kill the big enemies. Not a problem on a TAS. Two techniques were found with Diddy, one is the rollingextending and the extraroll. Maybe you noticed, but when he rolls twice, they are quicker than usual. There is no downtime. The technique used here is to press down and Y after one frame and you can roll again. And to not let the Y button pressed. It took a long time to find that. They discovered it randomly, in 2006, by ArneTheGreaté He also made the 101% run if you're interested.

As it's a game where you can get more than 100%, there's a secret in a secret, in the industrial world. This was Expresso the ostrich. And now swimming forth to get our swordfish. This is a game which made a lasting impression, even on characters, as not only Donkey Kong but also Diddy, which got its later own games. He was seen in Mario Kart recently, there was Diddy Kong Racing on the N64, but even on the SNES with Donkey Kong Country 2 and 3, well he's just kidnapped in the 3. But he's almost the main protagonist of the 2nd game, even if he's with Dixie, his girlfriend. They're really cult characters now. I know Donkey Kong is in Smash Bros games too, but Diddy isn't. Really key characters for Nintendo. Well, Donkey Kong is almost the first official tutorial game from Nintendo, in 1981, even if the character is not yet the same. This is a game which isn't just for the SNES, but also on GBC, GBA, and on WiiWare! Download it, it's really fun even with nowadays standards!

We played it recently, and it's still as pleasant as it was. Another trivia on this game, Miyamoto said it was a very bad game, he must have been a bit jealous about it. First because the graphical engine of Yoshi Island wasn't used, as SiliconGraphics were used for this game. And he said that quot;players will put up with mediocre gameplay as long as the art is good.quot; He apologized afterwards, as he realized it was a bit harsh. The game is excellent, especially the visuals, magazines had to change their way to grade graphics because of this game. So they changed how the graduation was made, not only for the graphics, but for the music too. We briefly saw Cranky Kong, but in fact he's the main villain from the old Donkey Kong game! Though he obviously retired since then. That's why he says he has played everything, he gives hints when you talk to him. There were some characters you could cross in this game.

Donkey Kong Turns 35 A History and Appreciation of the Donkey Kong Franchise

35 years ago Donkey Kong appeared inarcades the year was nineteen eightyone Mario didn't even have a name yet hiscreator called him mr. tutorial and then later jumpman players maneuver thischaracter across platforms and up ladders chasing down the titular DonkeyKong who had kidnapped a woman named Pauline this hero hunts villain storymade the original Donkey Kong one of the first tutorial games to have a completenarrative simple as it was it was also really hard it took patience and extremely accuratetiming to beat the game in nineteen

eightytwo Donkey Kong Jr. came out forthe NES and in arcades it was a direct sequel to the originalDonkey Kong except this time and for the only time in history Mario was the villain you played asDonkey Kong Jr. trying to rescue your dad from the cage he was locked in byMario after the events of the original Donkey Kong gameplay was different DK Junior could climb vines as well ashop across platforms he can also hold two vines at onceallowing him to climb faster

meanwhile Mario was up there talkingbirds and alligators have him come on man get it together Donkey Kong three came out in 1983 andchanged up the DK formula again it was a sidescrolling shooter thatfeature Donkey Kong is an enemy it was also the first game to have themodern DK logo the player is Stanley an exterminator who sprays donkey kong withbug spray his goals are to kill bugs and force DK to climb up those vines and goaway the game only had three levels and wascriticized for being pretty repetitive

fast forward to 1994 the Donkey Kongseries returns to platforming with Donkey Kong Country y for the Super Nesthis time we're on Donkey Kong Island and Donkey Kong is a hero he and his nephew Diddy Kong are takingback a horde of stolen bananas from the villain King K Rool yeah this was the first DK game to bedeveloped by Rare and it was the second best selling Super NES Game of all time it introduced popular DK mechanics likelaunching out of barrel cannons swinging

from vines riding in mine carts andswimming as well as collecting bananas and kong letters Rare also introduced side charactersflushing out the DK universe Donkey Kong Country also set thestandards for the character that we recognize his Donkey Kong today basically it laid the groundwork formodern DK games as we know them the second Rare developed Donkey Konggame was Donkey Kong Country 2 Diddy's Kong quest released in 1995 this timediddy kong was joined by his girlfriend

Dixie Kong and no i don't know why theyhave the same last name Dixie Kong can jump higher than Diddy Kong and uses her ponytail to float the game maintained the same style as thefirst DK Country but introduced new side characters like Wrinkly Kong Donkey Kong's grandmother as well asgameplay elements like honey which made a sticky obstacle 1996 saw dixie kongtake over the title role in Donkey Kong Country 3 Dixie Kong's double trouble another raregame this platformer had Dixie teaming

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