How To Jump High As A Goalkeeper

By | September 3, 2017

How To Dive Without Hurting Yourself CoachUp Soccer Goalkeeper Tips

Hi I'm Vasili Uspensky, former VCU goalkeeperand CoachUp Coach. And this is the dive. Patrick, take a step back. Give old coachVasili a little more time here. This is Patrick. Patrick is fighting for aspot on his varsity squad. Today we're gonna work on diving. Proper diving technique willnot only make you a better shot stopper, but it'll also prevent injury. Diving requires you to be in the ready position.The ready position is the goto stance whenever you're gonna make a save. You wanna keep yourlegs about shoulderwidth apart, on the balls

of your feet, and your knees slightly bent.You're then gonna take a step with your lead foot toward the shot as your arms are goingback. As you dive, imagine yourself as a spear and your fingertips are the point of thatspear. As you dive, you want your arms fully extended and you wanna land on your lateralmuscle.

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