How To Increase Vertical During Season

Lee Sin Guide Season 5 Ward Jumping Insec Combos Lee Sin Mechanics Guide

Lee sin can be very strong if you use his passive effectivily.This is done by using a skill, auto attack twice, use a skill, auto attack twice andso on. This can only be used in longlasting fightsor onto minions, because in other situations you might want to use your skills faster forthe extra cc damage. The most important mechanic on lee sin,for me atleast, is to know how to ward jump. You can use your W to jump to allies, includingallied wards and minions. This allows lee sin to use wards to get closertowards his target.

I prefer to use smart cast for this, butyou will find out what you like best. I smart cast W and 2, with 2 being my ward slot. So, basically what you do is very easy.You position your mouse at the position you would like to jump to, press 2 and W consecutivelyand then you perform a ward jump. The tricky part about it is knowingyour ranges and doing it fast. In case you are not familiar with his ranges,try to NOT use smartcast first. This way, it will show you a range indicator for wardplacement and your W. Once you're used to the ranges, I encourage youto use smart casting.

If you've mastered this mechanic, you'llnotice how freaking much mobility Lee sin has. It allows for great plays and it willmake hitting your Q easier. What I like to do is to ward jump towards and enemy,use my E twice to slow him and then use my Q. This makes hitting skillshots much easier. Another way to use it is for the famousinsec move. This can be done with either a ward or flash and it requires you to be level6. The insec move is performed by placing award behind your target, ward jump to it and follow it up with your ultimate. This willkick your enemy back in your team, almost

providing your team with a kill for free. Here are some examples of the insec movein play. There are different variations of the move, all viable in different occasions.Let me list a few combo's that are possible. Q gt; Q gt; Ward Jump gt; Ult (The real insecmove) Q gt; Ward Jump gt; Ult gt; Q (you will fly withyour target, requires you to be close) Ward Jump gt; Q gt; Q gt; Flash behind targetgt; Ult (Very long range) E gt; E gt; Ward Jump gt; Q gt; ULT gt; Q (Requiresyou to be extremely close)

These are most commonly used combos to iniatefights or to make picks. They all have their own advantages in different situations, soit's all a matter of trying it out. Most important is to know how to perform astandard insec move fast. If you are fast, it's going to be easy to do the move in anyway you like. Ok, but how do you learn all this the fastestéWell, here's how I did it: I played lee sin for 10 games in a row, no matter which role(in a normal game of course). Then my second item was ALWAYS a sightstone.I'm not saying that this is particularly good on high level of play, but for practicingmechanics it's great.

Then once you hit level 6, try to make epicplays. This might fail miserably in the beginning, but after 1 or 2 games you will get a hangof it. Use ward jumps all the time and perform insec moves on anyone whois out of position. Practice makes perfect. After 10 games I'm sure you will know EXACTLYhow to play Lee Sin. You don't need much games in order to know a champion, if you try reallyhard. The only problem is overall game knowledge, like Matchups, timingsetc. This is all learned by playing Lee Sin over and over again. As last I will make you familiar with avery basic Lee Sin move that does a ton of

Early Vertical Swim Lesson The Season Day 20 Helpful tips on how to swim swimlesson EVF

Alright summer leaguers! This isone of those separating factors between the I know how to swim and I know how toswim well. Alright so pay attention to this episode because this is going to be agood one This is a follow up withCoach Jordan and Stephen right here. If you are in space what would you find at the very center of gravityé

C'mon dude.nail it Stephen: I guess 'A' No, it's the letter 'V', there you go Yeah, I was just making sure you guys were catching the pattern What we're going to talk about today is 'early vertical' and some peoplemay know what this is and to some of you this may be a

totally brand new concept that you'venever heard of before but it's going to make sense here in just aminute. We're going to talk about just freestyle. It applies to freestyle and butterfly actually with freestyle, one of the things that a lot of swimmers, when they first start toswim is that they start to feel a catch on the water they start to feel that catch on thewater and what they do is they slide their hand around it and they get real funky

because it actually is a little bit hardto get a grip on the water and accelerate past 'early vertical' is instead of, you have to watch me from the side on this one, instead of having your hand entry heresliding your hand and then finding that catch about righthere in the stroke and then accelerating past. Which is whata lot of swimmers do if you weren't taught properly, you probably do this. If you're a developing swimmer

or if you're a recreational lap swimmer, youprobably do the exact same thing Now 'early vertical' is when your hand goes in the waterfinding that vertical position out here in front ofyour shoulder it should be in the chin region, chin or nose(ish) with your stroke.So it's finding that vertical position that power position out here in front in your body and beingable to accelerate past. It's finding it earlier

It's HUGE because it increasesthe stroke length from sliding your hand and finding thatcatch here it increases that stroke length to allthe way out here in front of your body That's GIGANTIC when it comes to speed.Well that sounds awesome but how do I do thaté That sounds great. I'll give you alittle pointer, this is the way that I have found to be the most successful and the easiest to understand by swimmers

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