How To Improve Jumping For Headers

How To Do Drills To Improve Your FlickOn Headers

Flickon is a header used to direct the ballon to a teammate or into a dangerous area of the pitch. The idea of a flickon is tohelp the ball continue in a forward direction, over or around the defender. The flick oncan be done using the forehead or top of the head. With three players you will need a feederat one end, a player to flick on and a catcher at the other end. The feeder should throwthe ball to the player to flick on so that the catcher can catch. Make sure you get enoughof a touch so the ball carries to the catcher but that the contact doesn't send the balltoo high or wide. Attack the ball by going

to meet it. Very much the same as drill one but this timebring in a fourth player. The new player should act as a defender so the player flicking onneeds to be strong, get in front of the defender and flickon to the catcher. Create spacefor yourself first and then flickon.

Why people fail to jump higher 9 ways you can jump higher

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