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By | February 24, 2017

NBA Star Aaron Gordon Is a Slam Dunk

Iquot;m so happy to meet you,thank you for being here. gt;gt; Nice to meet you, too. You're awesome, you're amazing. gt;gt; You're awesome and you're amazing, too. gt;gt; Thank;gt; So, and I'm shocked that you didn't win and I'm sure you're shocked andmany people are shocked. This is your first year in this contesté gt;gt; Yes, this the first year thatI did the NBA Dunk Contest.

gt;gt; And didn't you think I'm gonna winé gt;gt; Yeah of course. You know. gt;gt;;gt; LAUGH gt;gt; I went in very prepared. You;gt; Yeah. gt;gt; I had all my dunks lined up. gt;gt;;gt; I thought if I made all four

of my dunks then I thought I would win. gt;gt;;gt; It didn't happen like that. gt;gt; No it didn't. But will you go back next year andoutdo yourself againé gt;gt; You know I'm not sure. gt;gt; Come on! gt;gt; That was a good way to go out. gt;gt; No!gt;gt; LAUGH

gt;gt; Iquot;m not sure. gt;gt; You gt;gt; Once it comes closer I'm gonna play it a little close to the;gt; I see. gt;gt; And then let everybody know whether Iquot;m gonna do it or;gt; I see so we're begging you basically. gt;gt; LAUGH gt;gt; You want us to beg you.

gt;gt; The NBA maybe. gt;gt; Yeah, so. Well, obviously, we're talking about it, but we all wanna watch you do that andI don't know if you're gonna do that but you're gonna show us some of the dunks. It's over here. Let's walk over here. gt;gt; Yeah;gt; All

right. gt;gt; APPLAUSEgt;gt; All right. gt;gt; You want me to hold thaté I'll hold itgt;gt; All right. Here we go. We'll just start off real slow.Nice and

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