Highest Kayak Jump

By | January 16, 2017

Massive 35m Kayak Drop from Keyhole Falls

It's not deep at all so. Hold on for a minute, guys. We're trying to make a call on how deep the waterfall is at the bottom. This place is too much! Oh, my god! Holy fucking shit! Jesus! Dude, I'm scared to look, dude!

It's six in the morning.Today is the big day. We're going to run Keyhole.I hope nothing happens to me, that everybody's well and we get out of here alive and perfect. Once you get into that canyon,the only way out is this 40 meter waterfall, with lots of waterand an unbelievable pool down below. I saw Gerd rowing on the waterfall, he drove his oarand the waterfall was bottomless.

My oar sank under a meter in the water. It didn't matter what route you tookbecause there was no bottom. There was no way to do it. It's not deep at all,so. I don't know. Is it deep enough or not, thoughéHold on for a minute, guys. We're trying to make a call out hereon how deep the water is at the bottom. The communication wasn't good. Some people, for some reason,didn't answer or get the messages.

My radio is dying. Fuck! I don't want Aniol to get hurt. This can't be happening. It was almost like witnessingmy friend's suicide. I just hope it's good, if not,family, I love you guys! My radio diedand all I heard was Aniol saying:quot;I'm running it anyway.quot;

Kayaking through the most dangerous waterfalls on Earth

To me the word limit, is more a suggestion. that an assumption. It is like an invitation to go beyond. To me, the rivers are the blood vessels of the earth,because, when it rains, everything goes from the earth to the rivers, and then, into the sea. and the rivers nourish the earth, the fields. That is why those rivers are so important to us, kayakers, they are like our playgrounds.

The sport teaches you that at the end, it's all about enjoying the moment. You get to the water and right there, you forget about everything. ♪ (waterfall sound) ♪ That same nerve turns into the fuel that will take you down the river. ♪ (heart beat) ♪ You start falling, falling along the drops of waterand right in that moment, although is short,

but right there, in that moment: everything makes sense. ♪ (intense percussion) ♪ ♪ (waterfall sound) ♪ ♪ (music) ♪ I am Rafa Ortiz, I practice extreme kayaking and I am a Red Bull Athlete.

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