Highest Jump Touch Ever

How to do Advanced Cheer Leading Moves How to Do a Toe Touch

Hi, I'm Shyra from Excel Rebels in OrlandoLakes, Florida. I'm going to be doing advanced cheer leading on behalf of Expert Village.The next thing I'm going to go into is the toe touch. The toe touch is considered anadvanced jump. It's broken off from the eagle spread, but this is considered an advancedjump. I'm going to break it down, piecebypiece giving all instruction. You're going to startin a clasp. You're going to go back to the high V position. Your arms are going to crossdown in front of you. You're going to dip. Your arms are going to make an X. Your handsshould come down to about knee level. Then you're going to lift your body back up. Whenyour body is sitting straight back up is when

your legs hit. Then your arms come down withyour legs. When you're up here you can start in this approach position or you can startin a high V. If you're starting in a clasp approach, your arms are going to swing downthe same way. The clasp stays together until you're at your knees. Then you're going tolift and your leg is going to come up and then your legs come down with your hands.In this jump, you can do it consecutively so you can do just one toe touch. You cando two toe touches and add it on to a third toe touch. To prep for this jump, you canstart here in a high V and then you can swing and do a T jump. Then you can start here tryingin a clasp approach and you can swing down

and do a T jump. That's good for getting usedto the whip. This is considered the whip when guys, when you swing down and come back up.So that's a good exercise. Now, I'm going to demonstrate a toe touch.

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