Highest Jump Lion

Leaping Lion Catches Antelope In MidAir Attack

00:02COMM: A lioness makes a daring midair interception of this fleeing antelope in a dramatic highspeed ambush. 00:16COMM: Perched on a ridge in the long grass, predators pounced when an unsuspecting blesbokcrossed their paths in the Shamwari Game Reserve in South Africa. 00:26COMM: Evading the first lion the startled blesbok then leapt from the ridge in a desperateattempt to escape. 00:32COMM: Only to be athletically caught in midair

by the second. Crashing to the ground justfeet away from an amazed tour group, the big cats made quick work of overpowering theirprey. 00:49TOURIST: That is sick. 00:55COMM: Dragging the antelope back to the ridge, the lions enjoyed a well won meal.

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