Highest Jump Animal

The Caracal Can Jump 10 Feet High to Catch Prey

Welcome to quot;DiscoveryWorld Safari.quot; On today's episode, the caracal. Caracals are also knownas the desert lynx and are found in North andSouth Africa, Southwestern and Central Asia, as wellas the Arabian and Anatolian Peninsulas.

They live in woodland, forests,plains, and rocky hills and can be foundin mountain regions at elevations ofup to 10,000 feet. They are about 3 feet longand weigh up to 40 pounds, with reddishbrown fur awhite chin, throat, and belly. They have distinctive ears, withlong, black tufts of fur on top that are bigger than most cats.

The caracal is knownfor its leaping ability, reaching up to 10 feet inthe air to catch its prey. They use their strong back legsto jump and their large paws to grab prey. They eat rodents, smallantelopes, monkeys, and birds. Caracals are solitary animalsand extremely territorial, only coming together to mate. These nocturnal animals canlive up to 12 years in the wild,

but have to be on the lookoutfor their main predators, lions and hyenas. Want to find out more funinformation about animals, then check outquot;Animalist News,quot; where you can learn what would happenif large carnivores died out. Here's a hint. We need are large meat eaters.

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Kangaroos Can Jump 30 Feet High

Welcome to quot;DiscoveryWorld Safari.quot; On today's episode,the kangaroo. Kangaroos live inEastern Australia in small groups calledtroops or herds. However, Australiansknow them better as mobs. Kangaroos are classifiedas marsupials.

And are in fact the largestof all the marsupial species, standing over 6 feet tall. They are primarily herbivores,with large, powerful hind legs. Their legs can leap toabout 30 feet at the time and travel as fastas 30 miles per hour. Perhaps their mostfamous characteristic is their pouch, whichIS A fold of skin that can hold theirnewborns, known as joeys.

Joeys stay in thepouch for 10 months before they leaving,though they do venture out as young as fourmonths old to graze on grass beforereturning to the pouch. Please subscribe to thechannel and share this episode with your friends. Tell us in thecomment section what you'd like to see onquot;Discovery World Safari.quot;

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