Highest Height Jump Into Water

By | December 14, 2016

People Who Are Afraid Of Heights Jump Off A Cliff

Woman Three, two, one. (yelling) ♫Higher ♫Yeah ♫You take me higher ♫Yeah ♫You take me higher♫ I am horrified of heights.

I think the best thing youcan do is face your fears otherwise you're just controlled by them. (crying) (yelling) I did it. I hit my ass. I fucking did it. Hopefully like that fightor flight thing will kick in,

and I'll go. (yelling) It was so scary. I feel like I have an actualbowling ball in my stomach. Kind of don't know whetherI'm going to puke or shit. That was the fucking scariestthing I've ever done. I would have a reoccurringdream where I was like sitting on a ledge and I fell.

Kind of like this. Man Three, two. (screaming) (laughing) ♫Higher ♫Yeah ♫You take me higher♫ What if it's not deep enoughé

(yelling) Man Three, two, one (crowd exclaims) I know, I got nervous. Man All right,Michelle, let's call it. Eddie say, first and foremost, be safe. (dramatic music) I was very humbled at the top.

It was a little too much for me. So, I'm glad I made the small step, embarrassed that I triedto like do something that was a little bit out of my league. Your whole body is saying,you should not be doing this. I feel a lot betterthat I did it though. Once you're up there,it's higher than it seems. Face your fear head on and realize,

I Jumped Off The Golden Gate Bridge

We havelost far too many lives traveling the path to this day. Since 1937, over 2,000 people have died at the Golden Gate Bridge. I feel lucky to be alive every single day. (ambient orchestral music) Of the thousands that have diedoff the Golden Gate Bridge, I am of the 1% who have survived.

So I was born on drugs and premature and then I bouncedaround from home to home. Nobody wanted to keepme because I was sick. And I got lucky. I landed in the home ofPatrick and Debra Hines. I had a great childhood. I thought growing up thateverything's gonna be great. And then at 17, it all came crashing down.

If you can imagine feelingthat everyone around you is out to get you, trying to hurt you, and trying to kill you. And you believe that to be the truth. From the extreme paranoia, Iexhibited symptoms of mania. From the mania came the hallucinations, both auditory and visual. And so with that and the bipolar disorder,

I just was spiraling out of control. I vividly rememberwriting my suicide note. People don't get it, likeI thought I was a burden to everyone who loved me,because that's what my brain told me, because that'show powerful your brain is. I got off the bus. I walked slowly down the walkwayof the Golden Gate Bridge. People rode by me, droveby me, walked by me.

And a woman approached me and she said, quot;Will you take my pictureéquot; She said quot;thanksquot; and she walked away. It was that moment I justsaid, quot;Nobody cares.quot; The reality was that everybody cared. I just couldn't see it. I ran forward and using my two hands I catapulted myself into freefall.

What I'm about to sayis the exact same thing that 19 Golden Gate Bridgejump survivors have also said. The millisecond my hands left the rail, it was an instant regret. And I remember thinking,quot;No one's gonna know quot;that I didn't wanna die.quot; In four seconds I fell 75miles an hour, 25 stories. And I hit the water.

How High Can We Build

Hey, Vsauce. Michael here. And when the pyramidsof Giza were built, the tallest was 147 meters tall, making them the tallest things humanshad ever built. And they remained that way for nearly 4,000 years. It wasn't even untilthe 1300's that we finally got around to making something taller, a cathedral in England.So, does that mean that the Great Pyramids of Giza are the quot;Best tallest structures of all timeéquot; Well, to find out more, all aboard the BOAT. So, what is a buildingé Well, technically,a building is a structure in which at least 50% of its height comes from floor plateswhere people can live, work, chill out, it

has to be habitable. Any less than that andit's not a building, it's a tower. After the Lincoln Cathedral finally surpassed the heightof the pyramids, a number of churches continued to be built that kept breaking and settingnew records. The next longterm record holder was the Eiffel Tower.It was the tallest thing, ever in history, that we had built, for about 40 years in arow. It was finally surpassed by the Chrysler Building in New York, a personal favorite,which was then quickly bested by the Empire State Building. Now, the Empire State Buildingis interesting in that it was the first structure ever built by man that was so tall, were youto jump off the top of it, you would actually

reach terminal velocity before you hit thebottom. It was the first structure we'd ever built that was so tall, rather than just continuingto accelerate as you fell, you would actually stop accelerating because you would reachthe fastest possible speed your limp body can fall at. In the mid 1950's, somethingweird started to happen. Humans started to build radio and TV towers. These things couldbe way taller than the buildings that we'd made previously that had to be habitable.And so, ever since the Empire State Building had its record broken by a TV tower, all theseother famously tall buildings, the Petronas Towers, Tapei 101, the World Trade Center,the Willis Tower formerly Sears Tower none

of them have ever, within their existence,actually held the title for being the tallest quot;thingquot; we've ever built. There was alwaysa radio or TV tower somewhere that was taller. Up until quite recently, and for quite a while,the record for the tallest thing ever built by humans went to the Warsaw radio mast inPoland. It's visually incredibly striking, because there aren't any other sky scrapersaround it. It's all alone, being very tall. Well, that was until 1991, where some workersexchanging guywires made a mistake and the whole thing started to bend and then snappedin the middle. There's no tutorial of the event happening, but it would have been similarto this collapse, though much, much taller.

After the Warsaw radio mast collapsed, theKVLYTV mast in North Dakota became the tallest, still standing, structure built by man. Butrecently, buildings have made a comeback. And to check that out, we're going to haveto travel to the Middle East. This is the first time I've ever touched the Nile. Tadaaa. Ok, so that was me dipping my waterproof camera into the Nile. If you were to take the entire length of the Nile River and standit up on its edge, perpendicular to the Earth, it would reach into outer space about thisfar, which is pretty impressive. But where does the space shuttle orbité And where doesthe International Space Station orbité This

far awayé This far awayé Maybe this far awayéActually, if this pink, inflatable quot;Horrible Bossesquot; ball was the Earth, the space shuttlewould orbit about right there. It's incredible, but it's possible because the shuttle, andthe International Space Station, travel so quickly. They travel so quickly around theEarth that instead of seeing one sunrise and sunset every 24 hours, they see 16.But don't be jealous. You can easily see more than one sunrise andor sunset in a day bytaking advantage of tall structures. So, let's take a look at the tallest structure, thecurrent record holder for the tallest thing humans have ever built, the Burj Khalifa inDubai. The height of this building blows my

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