Higher Jump Then Felix

By | February 25, 2017

Felix Baumgartners supersonic freefall from 128k Mission Highlights

Release! I know the whole world is watching now… I'm going home now. Jumper away. Speed 725. Showing Felix at a stable descent. And Felix is back down to Earth safely. The new world record holder.

DA VINCI Vs FELIX Higher Or Lower 2

*High five sound effect* TOP O' THE MORNIN' TO YE LADDIES! My name is Jacksepticeye! And welcome back to Higher or Lower. This time, I'm not gonna be drinking any alcohol. I'm not gonna be doing any sort of a challenge; whatsoever. I'm just going to be doing the game, naturally, and normally. And we'll see what it's like.because last time was a bit messy!

It got a small bit liiittle messy. So I'm gonna do it normally this time. So play game! So.what's searched more in a monthé Schindlers List or a Jaguar EType.é Jag so now, there's no consequence. So now I can just click through them all I want

but I'm still going to think them through. Uhm. Schindlers List is pretty damn popular Well, I thought it would've been more popular than that. Uh.higher. Yeah! Off to a great start. So, I have to beat a score of like.

sev my highscore is seven. I have to beat seven, I can do that Golden State Warriors, higher. Because they're a team, they're usu Ohh, Jesus fucking Christ. Ahaha, I did not know they were going to be Golden State Basketball.fucking hell. I did not know they were going to be searched nine.

million times! I was going to say billion. Uhm. Gardener, lower. Yeah Waaay, waaay lower. Formula One, of course that's gonna be higher than fucking gardeners.

four million times. It's a popular sport. Tourettesé Crap. I don't know if that's gonna be searched more or not. Uhm. I'm gonna say less, because.four million is a lot to be searching for something. *clap* Fucking did it! Yes! Cheeky Nandos, ohh byes (boys).

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