High Jump Plugin Minecraft

Minecraft How to make a Jump Scare Grave

How to make a Jump Scare Grave Demostration *The sound is not available without command blocks! Usual reaction. Let's build it! You need to find some way to hide or disguise a trigger. It doesn't matter if you use tripwire, pressure plates or something third. Make sure the armor stand is facing the right direction!

Now the trap is ready! It's a good idea to decorate it to make it less suspicous. As you can see, it's easy to reset the trap! You can also make more graves that look alike in the same area, again to make this one grave get less attention. Start pranking your friends! tolearn! It's dangerous to go alone. Take this!.

MINECRAFT The Last Minecart

They told us it would end That they'd starve They lied. Everyday there's more of them And every attempt to clear their numbers has failed Our old weapons are useless, they're weak. Hey Dude,

we're on our last porkchop We gotta make a run for it There's a minecart that can get us out of here! That's suicide! Maybe, but I've got an idea To the workbench! Look out!

Whaté No! It's ok bro! when I said we were on our last porkchop, I lied! Subtitles by Valygard Me2Moo2.

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