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By | December 30, 2016

7 Most Explosive Home Exercises BODYWEIGHT

What's up, guysé Jeff Cavaliere, AthleanX . If you're a serious lifter, no doubt by nowyou've figured out that bodyweight training deserves to play a part in your overall trainingpicture. However, what a lot of people don't realize– athlete or not – one of the most important aspects that you could apply to your bodyweighttraining is explosiveness. Today I wanted to show you seven of the bestexplosive bodyweight exercises that you could do anywhere that you need to start incorporatingand guess whaté Even if you're a beginning I'm showing youa way to work your way up so each one of these

exercises is going to have a little bit ofan easier version – not easy – a little bit easier than the one I show you so youcan have somewhere to start and work yourself toward. Now, one disclaimer: we all know those bodyweightexercises are pretty damn impressive looking, but the number of people that can actuallydo them are very little. Like a superman pushup, or a clapping pullup. If you can't do these there's no use of tryingto do them. You're going to wind up either hurting yourself, or maybe squeezing out onerep, or two reps and that's not enough to

cause a change. I want to give you guys practical exercisethat you're going to be able to use starting now. So, let's get this list rolling. Thefirst exercise up is a power plank up. It's great for building upper body explosivenessand tying it in with your core. Remember, bodyweight exercise are almost always goingto rely on the strength of your core. This is no different. You have to get yourself from an on toes position,on your elbows and explode up in one move to try to land up on your hands. Again, youneed the stability of your shoulder so it's

a great workout for building that, but youalso need the strength of your upper body, your triceps, your chest, and of course thecore strength and stability to get up here. If you can't do this just yet, don't worry.Come down onto your knees and start building up the ability to explode from there. As youget stronger you'll be able to get up on your toes and keep the progression going. Now don't be confused by this second exerciselinking back to that clapping pullup. There's a big difference here. This is an underhand,this is a chinup position and we're just doing a plyoversion.

The real value of doing a plyochinup isthat you want to be able to release the bar by building your pull through strength. Yousee, people think about just pulling to the bar, but in order to build true, upper bodyexplosiveness you have to be able to have the ability to pull through the bar. This is what a plyochinup does. By havingus in this underhand position we get a little extra help from our biceps and we get thatreally good eccentric when we grip the bar to kind of slow ourselves down. If you can't do this extreme version of thisthere is a step down version that involves

just one arm. Now, you're probably thinkingquot;One arm is going to make it harderquot;. No. One arm stays on the bar, that's controllingyou, then you let go with the other arm and now you're basically doing the eccentric onthat one side with the assistance of the arm that's still in contact with the ground. Tryit. You'll see the difference. It's a little biteasier and you're obviously going to want to work on each side individually until youbuild up the strength to be able to release the bar entirely. Next we hit the lower body. This one with the glut, hamstring, singleleg plyobridge. I love this exercise. It


What's up guysé Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. Yes, it's still ULTIMATE ARM week here butwe're going to start switching the focus of our attention to our Legs. You see in our brand new ULTIMATE ARM Workoutthat's available at ATHLEANX.COM, we don't skip Leg days. As a matter of fact we made them even harderthan usual. We've included a brand new style of traininghere called Apex Leg Training and I wanted to give you guys a sneak peek of exactly whatit is.

You see Apex Leg Training will maximize notonly your strength in your lower body functionality but it will also stress athleticism and beingxplosive. And we're going to do that guys as we alwaystry to here, on our feet. We try to get you into ground based trainingwhen we do our Legs. I don't like Leg extensions, I don't likeopen chain exercises, not if we're trying to be Athletes. So what you're going to see here is a sneakpeek of an actual Apex Leg Workout. And again focus on the types of drills thatwe do here.

Focus on how we're involving our Core in whatwe're doing, while at the same time we're really trying to work on building our strengthfrom the ground up. So there you have it guys. There is a sneakpeek into our Apex Leg Training right from the ULTIMATE ARMS Program. And like I said, ULTIMATE ARMS is a lot morethan just your Arms. You see. this workout program, this 6 weekworkout is geared at helping you guys to add significant size to your arms, but at the same time, we are never going toabandon Training like an Athlete here at ATHLEANX.

We're going to train your whole body. The Leg training is part of it and of coursewe even have a complete 6 week Ab Workout Program that goes along with it, ULTIMATEABS. But that is not going to be available formuch longer. As a matter of fact just a couple days afterthis tutorial is published, that will no longer be offered with the ULTIMATE ARM Program. So if you want to train your entire body,if you want to build your Arms bigger, if everything I've got here, all of my techniquesto help you do that guys, is the ULTIMATE

ARM Program. I hope you guys found this whole week to beenlightening. I gave you a lot of free workouts, I hope you'll like the workouts. And of coursewhatever else you want to see here on this channel, make sure you let me know below. It's your channel guys, I make the tutorialsyou want to see. Let me know and I'll be sure I do my bestto try to do that. Leave a thumbs up too if you like this tutorialand I will do more like them. Alright guys, I'll be back here again verysoon.

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